Janine Young, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Fleet Tire Market to Outpace Overall Tire Market to 2026

Fleet tire consumption is growing along with population and middle-class expansion regardless of the economic and transportation setbacks related to COVID-19. Thanks to the shift in mobility that is taking place to 2026 and beyond, which includes greater efficiencies in commercial transport and the use of car- and ride-sharing fleets for personal transportation, the fleet

Tire Innovations Ramping Up for Autonomous, Electric Fleets

The prospects for tire breakthroughs for autonomous and electric vehicles over the next five years remain strong, according to a report from Smithers.

Technology, Regulation, Weather Dictate Tire Evolution

Compared to winter and summer tires, all-season tires dominate market share in the leading North American and Chinese tire markets.

Tire Industry Growth in 2021 and Beyond

As tiremakers release financial reports, trends are emerging that will have an impact on the industry’s future.

Tire Manufacturing Trends: New Technologies Improve Efficiencies Amid Industry Evolution

The need for more automation and faster size changes in tires over the last couple of decades has led to an industry manufacturing transformation.

Tire Trends: OEMs Continue to Drive High-Performance Tire Sales

As automobile manufacturers introduce more of these tires as original equipment, HP tires further penetrate the market and draw the interest of buyers looking to replace tires.

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Winter Tire Market: Growth and Trends

According to Smithers Rapra, the global tire market in volume for winter tires was estimated at 175 million units in 2015 with growth predicted at 3.3% per year through 2021.   

Winter tires
The Disruptive Force in Tire Development

Autonomous driving is a game-changing opportunity for the automotive industry as well as its greatest challenge.

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Technology Advances in Green Tires

The green tire industry, composed of low rolling resistance (LRR) tires as well as those emerging from sustainable materials, is a fast-growing part of the overall tire industry.

Green sustainable tires