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Tips for Servicing Tires with Rim Guards

As customer expectations have evolved, demand for larger wheels and lower profile tires to accommodate performance, as well as looks, has come to a fever pitch. Wheel diameters have become larger, and tires have become lower profile. Today, many new pickup trucks now sit on dealer lots with 45 series tires on 22-in. wheels! To

Three Tips When Purchasing a New Automotive Lift

As one of the foundational pieces of equipment in your shop, getting the details right when spec’ing out a new automotive lift can help ensure your workspace remains safe and productive for the lifetime of the machine – often 15 years or longer. There’s a wide variety of lifts on the market, from two-post to

Increase Your Profit with These Inspection Lane Essentials

In your shop, time is of the essence. With cars in and out of your bays on a day-to-day basis, you need the most up-to-date equipment that is reliable and will get the job done quickly. Enter vehicle inspection products that can not only save you time by finishing multiple jobs in a matter of

Coats Inspection Lane Equipment
Finding Your Total Shop Solution

Having reliable equipment is a huge factor in shop capability and productivity, Coats says.

Maintaining Tire Equipment During the Winter Months

When your shop goes to remove a wheel assembly that’s dripping wet with snow melting off, it’s important to take extra care of not only the assembly but also your tire equipment.

Servicing Custom Wheels

Next time a custom wheel-seeking customer walks into your shop, follow these cardinal rules for servicing custom wheel assemblies.

The Evolution of Heavy-Duty Balancing & its Necessity Today

Most commercial tire dealers have customers who demand high-quality rides. This, plus the professionalism of truck drivers today, the evolution of Class-8 trucks and the price of tires has all pushed the demand for balancing.

Commercial Tire Wheel Balancing