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Association Chief Lauds TR Support

On behalf of the Tire Industry Association (TIA), I want to thank you for your recent editorial (First Off, April 2010) concerning the Global Tire Expo Powered by TIA. It’s exactly through support like yours that we can continue our work of representing and protecting the interests of our members and the tire industry as a whole.

As you eloquently point out, attending and exhibiting at the Global Tire Expo does far more than just boost your bottom line; you are also showing your support for the tire industry.

We have indeed worked very hard over the last few months to begin creating a world-class event that can become THE event of the year for everyone in the tire industry. We believe that the steps we have taken and the ones we will continue to take will help us reach that goal, and that everyone will benefit because of it.

As we have seen in other industries, a lack of unity and representation by not having an organization like TIA very often leads to increased regulation, lack of public attention/­acceptance and other negative effects, which end up damaging or even destroying an industry.

TIA depends on not only the support of exhibitors at the Global Tire Expo, but through our members, training customers, and member program participants in order to continue unifying, strengthening and effectively representing our industry.

For those who have not already committed to exhibiting or attending the Global Tire Expo, and for those who are not currently TIA members, I encourage you to join TIA and make your plans to exhibit at or attend this year’s Expo. It will not only be good for your bottom line; it will also be good for the strength and longevity of this industry.

Roy Littlefield
Executive Vice President
Tire Industry Association

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