What to Look Forward to at DRIVE Expo 2022

What to Look Forward to at DRIVE Expo 2022

DRIVE is the largest coaching and management company in North America. Since 1993, DRIVE has helped thousands of owners achieve their goals – both business and personal. The upcoming DRIVE EXPO in Orlando, Florida will propel all attendees with specialized training sessions, presentations from industry leaders, workshops built just for a shop owner’s needs, the expo floor with companies handpicked for owners, and multiple networking opportunities to talk and learn from both shop owners and industry leaders.

This four-day event, from August 25-28, is jam-packed with everything a business owner could think of! Let’s take a closer look at some of the workshops, vendors and panels available to attendees.

Presentations That Pack A Punch

DRIVE will be featuring presentations focused on training your team and hiring the correct staff to get the star-studded team you need. This includes “Train Your Team to Gain Freedom and Success” and “The Teach You Need May Be Right In Front Of You.” These two courses will teach you how to recruit new employees, move your current employees up the ladder, and how to properly train the team you have. They will also go into the importance of being able to step away from your business to let it run itself. You’ll be able to learn new, advanced training techniques and vital information pertaining to recruiting the talent you want.

Workshops to Better Your Business

Not to mention our workshops geared toward helping you get through any trouble that comes your way as a business owner. This year, we’re bringing you “How to Survive Extreme Inflation” presented by Jim Saeli, one of DRIVE’s workshop instructors. In 2022, inflation rates have risen to levels we haven’t seen since the 1980s. DRIVE is dedicating our efforts to bring you any and all tools you will need to handle these unprecedented costs. This workshop will show you how you can remain profitable despite inflation. You’ll also have the chance to attend the “Best Time to Plan Your Exit From the Shop is the Day You Open” workshop. During this time, the host will go over the four main options on how to exit your business and the steps to succession.

Talk to the Team

You’ll also have the chance to stop by and talk to each of DRIVE’s departments. At the Agency Services section, you can learn all about our current services and the upcoming technology services DRIVE will be offering. We offer a plethora of services, like Google My Business, Search Engine Optimization, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Blog Posts and more. We’re also looking forward to adding two new resources to our catalog in the near future. DRIVE clients can soon use the CRM Marketing App and the Reputation and Review Management App, both focused on creating and maintaining your image with current and potential customers. Our suite of digital products and services will take your shop’s marketing presence to the next level, increasing your new client car count as well as getting the most out of your current client base.

You can also have a chat with our Account Rep Team or Professional Services team. This dedicated group is ready to walk you through each of the new DRIVE packages. This is the perfect opportunity to have that important face-to-face time with your DRIVE representative. Finally, DRIVE’s Product Development team will discuss how each offering can help you achieve your business goals. David Saline, the vice president of client services and sales at DRIVE, says “Talking with each DRIVE team will allow attendees to know exactly what they’re gaining from their services and how we work to help them succeed.”

Curated Panels From Expert Vendors

DRIVE is determined to bring industry leaders to help you, today’s shop owner. This year, attendees will hear from Babcox Media, AutoVitals, Shop Monkey, Stenson Tamaddon and many more! Andrew Markel, director of technical content for Babcox Media, will be holding a panel on “How Customers are Changing Today.” During this panel, recent surveys and data regarding automotive service and the shifts in the ownership cycle of vehicles will be discussed. Attendees can also look forward to other panels such as “Setting Your Shop Up to Service EV” by Mitchell1 and “Using Technology to the Max” by AutoVitals.

Along the expo floor, you’ll be able to talk to each vendor about the services they offer and how they can help you run your shop. For example, Stenson Tamaddon, offers technology-enabled financial services that provide accurate, compliant and hassle-free tax credit solutions. BoltOn Technology can help you increase revenues, improve efficiency and stay connected with your customers. They’re focused on keeping you connected and your customers up to date. Solera-Identifix is the company that has the most comprehensive, streamlined process to originate and fund customer financing. These and many more will be at your disposal, so you can find the right company to fit your shop’s needs!

These four days will be full of learning new techniques, talking directly to industry leaders, and networking with your fellow shop owners. From the expo floor to the Lunch & Learns and even the Theme Party, this weekend is meant to enrich your business and streamline your success.

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