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Shop Owner Solutions Podcast - What Would you Tell Your Younger self


Shop Owners: What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

As we look back in our careers, we all recognize things we should have done differently. Taken more Training? Check. Volunteered for that project? Check. Jumped on an opportunity to be mentored? Check. Sure, you could look at these as missed opportunities, but deep beneath the surface, these instances provide lessons for self-improvement. The only way to know what you want to change is to reflect on what’s been done and find solutions going forward. That’s why we think this podcast is right up your alley.

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Shop Owner Solutions, presented by 360 Payments, is a new podcast from Tire Review’s sister publication Shop Owner, where you’ll hear from independent repair shop owners across the country about the situations they’ve faced and how they’ve confronted them and risen to the occasion each week.

In the inaugural episode of Shop Owner Solutions, hosts Doug Kaufman, editor of ShopOwner, and Vic Tarasik, founder Shop Owner Coach, speak with Bryan Rex, owner of Fleet Services in Everett, Washington, and Tyson Anderson, owner of Master Mechanic in Providence, Utah, about the idea of mentorship and how they avoid the 3 a.m. panic.


Click here to listen to the full episode about how Bryan and Tyson have faced business challenges and turned them around into success stories that propel their businesses into the future.

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