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Massachusetts to Enforce Right to Repair Law Starting June 1

“The people of Massachusetts deserve the benefit of the law they approved more than two years ago,” the state’s attorney general said.

Independent Auto Shops in Maine Pursue ‘Right to Repair’ Ballot Measure

A right-to-repair ballot initiative is underway in Maine, as members of the state’s Right to Repair Coalition, a group of independent repair shop owners and employees, filed an application for a citizens initiative with the Maine Secretary of State’s office. The initiative asks for a statewide referendum in 2023 that would protect the rights of

Massachusetts Right to Repair Court Decision Delayed Again

United States District Judge Douglas Woodlock issued a notice on Friday, April 15, 2022, informing of another delay to provide a decision on the Right to Repair court case in Massachusetts. Citing “the resurgence of a demanding criminal trial schedule, resumption of long-delayed in-court non-trial proceedings coupled with insistent writing responsibilities in other matters,” Judge

Massachusetts Right To Repair Case Nears Decision

The lawsuit filed by The Alliance for Automotive Innovation seeks an injunction barring enforcement of the Data Law and its requirement that, Model Year 2022 vehicles sold in Massachusetts using telematics systems be equipped with an open- access platform” that will enable customers and independent repair shops to access mechanical data from those systems.

Auto Care CEO Breaks Down Right to Repair Issue

Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association, explains where the right to repair issue stands for independent repair shops in this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX.

Bill Hanvey- Whats Treading right to repair
Auto Care CEO Breaks Down Right to Repair Issue [Audio]

Right to Repair is an ongoing issue in the automotive aftermarket. Put simply, it allows drivers to have access to their vehicle’s data so they can grant you, the independent tire dealer, permission to access it and repair their vehicle. However, with OEMs wanting to maintain control over that data, the automotive aftermarket faces an

Bill Hanvey- Whats Treading right to repair
Massachusetts Votes to Amend Right to Repair Law

Voters approved the measure 75% to 25%, according to the Associated Press.

Updated Massachusetts Right to Repair Law Headed to Ballot

The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition has turned in 102,000 signatures on an initiative petition to enact an update to the Commonwealth’s Right to Repair law before it reaches the 2020 ballot.

Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition Takes on Vehicle Data in New Bill

The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition has introduced legislation in the Commonwealth protecting consumers’ right to own and control the data generated by their vehicle.

vehicle data