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GM Autoride

k absorbers. The ESC module has the ability to store DTCs as current or history codes. The system uses an ignition cycling diagnostic approach in order to reduce the occurrence of false or intermittent DTCs that do not affect the functionality of the system. This allows for the fail-soft actions to be taken whenever a

Take Charge Of A/C

Get familiar with what refrigerants are used in automotive A/C systems, as not all use the same type.

A/C Compressors Take A Pounding

Insight to A/C compressor pumps for tire dealers and technicians.

Starter & Alternator Replacement

Rotating electrics in older vehicles make for added sales opportunities

Are Your Techs Overcharging?

In the world of public opinion, if you were asked if your technicians were overcharging your customers, you might interpret that as an issue pertaining to the customer’s repair bill.However, in the world of mobile air conditioning service, we’re referring to the problem of some vehicle A/C systems being (unknowingly) charged with too much refrigerant.

Battery 411: Testing, charging and replacing a battery

In recent years, the electronic content in vehicles has multiplied several times over – and more electronics means more demand on the battery and charging system.

Tech Update: HVAC Diagnostics

Leave it to the OEMs to take a simple system like heating and air conditioning and turn it into an electronic jumble of wiring, sensors and computer components. HVAC units have come a long way from when I started in the business. A pressure switch was about all you needed back then; it’s not that

What’s New In Spark Plugs

The newest spark plug technology can be summed up in one word:Iridium. This relatively rare metal is challenging platinum as the metal of choice for today’s spark plugs. Iridium has a higher melting temperature and is six times harder than platinum.

R-134a Refrigerant Retrofits Are an Option – for a Price

Is it worth the trouble and cost to have the R-12 freon air-conditioning system retrofitted to R-134a refrigerant? It’s important to explain to the customer that the term “retrofit” describes special procedures that are required to convert a R-12 system to an alternative refrigerant. This service will depend on the need for this type of repair, the cost and how much the vehicle owner can afford.

Advances In Electrical System Testing

Shocking, electrifying, polarizing, spark of excitement, flash in the pan. What do all of these words/phrases have in common? They’re all terms from the world of electricity or electronics used to make a point. That point is that electricity and electronics are pretty darn important to our lives. As I write this article, the horrible

Understanding Modern Battery Functions

The function of a vehicle’s starting battery was very different when I first began my career in automotive repair in the late 1950s. Since the engines of that day had larger cubic-inch displacements, were equipped with full-field starter motors and used high-viscosity motor oil, the starting battery had to produce at least 400 cold cranking

Service Tech 2013

Nearly every tire dealer offers vehicle service, whether basic maintenance or complete repairs. We’ve compiled an extensive collection of key questions often asked by service technicians of all skill levels, and responses from our cadre of auto service experts.