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Hybrid Vehicle A/C Service Basics

As you may know, the air conditioning compressors in many hybrid vehicles are operated by an electric motor instead of a drive belt. The motor’s insulated windings are immersed in the compressor’s lubricating oil. The oils used in these compressors are formulated to have high dielectric properties, that makes them non-conductive. Denso has recently produced

The Ins and Outs of Battery Testing and Service

Modern battery technology is changing the way we deal with battery testing and replacement. To illustrate, absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are, in some applications, replacing the conventional "flooded" wet-cell batteries.Flooded batteries consist of positive and negative plates suspended in an electrolyte consisting of about one-third sulfuric acid and two-thirds water. The flooded battery is

Battery 411: Testing, Charging and Replacing a Battery

In recent years, the electronic content in vehicles has multiplied several times over. More electronics means more demand on the battery and charging system. A weak battery or low system voltage due to a charging problem can cause all kinds of havoc with the on-board electronics.

Refrigerant Change from R-134a to HFO-1234yf is Underway

Beginning in 2011, HFO-1234yf was expected to come out on top as the new refrigerant of choice in Europe. While this issue may not affect repair shops and tire dealers in the U.S. for a while, some techs may already have seen HFO-1234yf systems, as European models begin the R-134a phase-out and make their way across the pond.

Subaru Service Essentials

In this age of extended service intervals and exaggerated claims of longevity with little maintenance, selling service at a fair price is becoming more difficult. To help boost service sales, consider building a planned process for servicing your customers’ vehicles.

Selling Modern Spark Plug Technology

Because modern engines run so well for so long, many customers have either forgotten or fail to understand the need for periodic spark plug replacements. For that reason, many spark plug replacements have become major repairs that often require two or three hours of time and a wide array of tooling to complete.

Cold Weather Brings Battery Sales Opportunities

If you live in the northern half of the country like I do, the hot summer will soon change to a cool fall. The leaves begin to change and the cold months of October and November will soon bring a rush of cold-weather battery performance complaints to your counter. Terminal VoltageIt’s imperative to remember the

Staying Active with Vehicle Electronics Technology

Cars keep getting smarter and safer all the time. First-generation air bags were essentially "dumb" devices that deployed in an accident to protect the driver and front seat passenger. When the bags proved to be too powerful and potentially lethal to children and small adults, second-generation "smart" air bags were introduced that adjusted their deployment

A/C Update: Quieting a Kia Climate Control System

This fix involves a Kia’s A/C system making a racket when the system is turned on.  This revised bulletin replaces information published on Sept. 19, 2007, Climate Control 011. It readdresses some 2007-’08 Sorento (BL) models that may exhibit a knocking noise (mainly at idle) during A/C operation. A redesigned A/C compressor disc and hub

A/C Compressor Bracket Replacement on Kia Sedona

Some 2002-’05 Sedona (GQ) vehicles may exhibit a humming noise and vibration when the A/C is turned on. To address this condition, replace the A/C compressor bracket with P/N 1K52Y 15810FFF. See Figure 1. Repair Procedure:1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Loosen the three mounting bolts (10 mm) to remove the air intake hose.

Correcting BMW Blower Motor Issues

Owners of 2000-’03 BMW 525I 2.5 may complain that the blower motor does not work, stays running all the time or does not have proper speed control. The climate control blower motor is controlled by a final stage unit, which receives variable voltage from the climate control head. To fix, disconnect the final stage unit,

A/C Flush Service Guidelines for GM Hybrids

As more hybrid vehicles start filtering out of their warranty coverage and into automotive repair facilities like yours, you and your staff will need to focus on the many procedures manufacturers provide to properly handle and repair them. Aside from the complex electrical systems on these vehicles, each one may have a unique mechanical system.For