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A Look at CAN Systems

Just like your cable TV, as a signal is sent down the wire from one communication device, there needs to be another at the other end that can "unscramble" that information and turn it into readable information. These "lines" are generally referred to as BUS lines, or Data lines.Most of the time they are pairs

Diagnostic Solutions: Alternator Testing Tips

When we’re attempting to diagnose a charging system failure, it helps to think of the battery’s state of charge (SOC) as a type of checking account. a 1997 Nissan Maxima with a conventional integral alternator/voltage regulator assembly. Failure PatternsThe most common alternator failure is the glaring red “bat” light indicating a catastrophic alternator failure. Catastrophic

Servicing Electrical Problems: Invisible Targets

By Matt Dixon and Ben Komnick, assistant professors, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Automotive Technology A good electrical course covers topics including AC and DC voltage, resistance, current, frequency and capacitance along with opportunity for application. In the process of boiling coolant in the overflow bottle, it was observed that the electric cooling fan did not

Winter Starting and Charging System Maintenance

In addition to checking the strength of the antifreeze, a cold-weather starting inspection should also include testing and visually inspecting the battery and cables, starter, alternator and changing to the auto manufacturer’s recommended engine oil.Effects of Cold WeatherBecause cold weather slows down the chemical reaction between its electrolyte and its battery plates, the average battery

A/C Service Tools, Equipment Meet the Latest Requirements

In the automotive industry, like many places, it seems the only thing that remains constant is change. While that seems contradictory and possibly negative, in fact it’s one of the great things about our industry. Constant change is the engine that drives opportunity. (Pun intended!)But seriously, it is this constant innovation, invention, redesign and remodeling

A/C System Diagnostics are Important Year-Round

What many motorists don’t know is that their A/C system works year round, not just during the hot summer months. On most late-model vehicles with automatic climate control systems, the A/C system cycles on and off as needed to dehumidify air entering the passenger compartment. This helps clear the windshield and prevents the other windows

Charging System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Although checking charging voltage at the battery terminals is the most popular method for testing an alternator, a charging voltage test seldom reveals less common problems. One has to go much deeper to find problems like open or shorted alternator diodes, intermittent high or low charging rates, charging system wiring problems, intermittent cranking/no start complaints

Knowing Starter Basics is Vital to Providing Right Service

It’s no secret that the first automobiles were started by hand cranking. It’s also pretty obvious that, somewhere along the way, someone replaced the hand crank with an electric motor. In 1911, a friend of Henry Leland, founder of Cadillac, died from injuries sustained while restarting a car for a lady. The need for a

Avoid Common A/C Mistakes to Prevent Customer Comebacks

As vehicle owners in many parts of the country begin using their air conditioning systems for the first time this year, some will be surprised to find their A/C system is not functioning properly or isn’t blowing out cold air like the summer past. Here is a recap of common A/C system problems.Additional Parts ReplacementWhen

Wrong Pulleys Can Cause Belt Drive System Failure

Tire dealers and other auto repair businesses that install remanufactured alternators should make sure to verify that their units are equipped with overrunning alternator decoupler (OAD) pulleys, experts warn. OADs are becoming very common as a growing number of late-model vehicles now require this technology. Installing a non-decoupler pulley on an OAD application can lead