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Resolutions for New TPMS Goals

It’s that time of year again! Out with the old, in with the new. We celebrate what went well last year and then look forward to a new year with new goals and the best intentions. What better time to look at your business and see where your team can improve, evolve and develop new habits that will help run things a bit smoother and more efficiently!

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Here are a few resolution ideas to improve your TPMS program in the new year.

Get Proper Training for You and Your Shop

Looking back, the silver linings of 2020 may feel more like a cloudy gray, but if there is one thing that shines, it is an automotive aftermarket that has gone digital. There has never been more high-quality TPMS training at your fingertips than there is today. Manufacturers have spent the last year trying to make their training accessible through webinars, video and online training platforms. Make sure that you and your team take advantage of these opportunities! There are appropriate training sessions for technicians, service advisors, shop managers or owners. Proper training is, and always will be, “step 1” in an efficient and profitable TPMS program.


Aim Higher Than Simply ‘Turning Off the Light’

All of the proper training in the world cannot make up for a poorly manufactured product. Using a non-OE quality sensor may turn out that light for your customer in the short-term, but they will likely be back to get it repaired sooner than they thought, or, even worse, they might not come back to you at all. Don’t aim to turn out the light “short term.” The light turning off should be a byproduct of a properly serviced system that will also turn back on, when appropriate, helping to ensure your customer’s safety and give your company a healthy reputation and thriving TPMS business.


Give Your TPMS Business an Annual Checkup

We visit the doctor once a year, not necessarily because we know something is wrong, but to check for any preventable issues that need our attention. Treat your TPMS business (and business in general) the same way. Are you set up for long-term success? Here are some things to look at:

  • How much are you making on service kits and how much could you be making if you followed the recommendation of changing them out every time the tire is removed from the rim?
  • Are you still juggling multiple sensor SKUs? Does it make sense to consider a programmable solution?
  • Is your shop efficiently organized? Does the flow make sense and keep your technicians working as efficiently as possible?
  • Do you have sufficient tools at the counter to explain TPMS service to the customer, like examples of corroded stems, a counter mat diagram, or a POS piece that shows how the sensor sits in the rim? These small additions can help your service advisor sell more TPMS and educate the driver.
  • Do you have the right procedures in place to ensure service equipment is ready and waiting for use, like regular tool software updates, regular and consistent tool charging and stocking patterns?

As you work toward these new resolutions that get you closer to your TPMS goals, remember to assess your current TPMS partner, as well. A quality manufacturer will provide you with the tools you need to be successful and develop a profit-building TPMS program.


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