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The transmission fluid level should reach only the “add” mark when cold and, regardless of color, the fluid should be...Read More

1. Where is the wear? Like a tire, the friction between the belt and pulleys wears away at the belt, usually on the tops and...Read More

It may be hard to think about A/C refrigerant this time of year, but when warmer weather arrives, the demand for refrigerant always jumps. Refrigerant...Read More

Making its debut in 1997, Toyota’s Synergy Drive has been used in the Prius and Camry and was offered on almost all Lexus models...Read More

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1. Where is the wear? Like a tire, the friction between the belt and pulleys wears away at the belt, usually on the tops and...Read More

The transmission game has changed. Solenoids, sensors and computers have replaced vacuum lines, governors and kickdown cables on modern ­automatic transmissions. The tools have...Read More

The ASE G1 Certification test contains 55 scored questions, plus 10 unscored ­research questions, that cover a range of skills and knowledge related to...Read More

Since 1975 catalytic converters have been the most effective devices for controlling exhaust emissions. Before that, carmakers had done a somewhat effective job of...Read More

For some time now, most of the development in diesel technology has been aimed toward making the engines environmentally friendly. But as diesel ­engines...Read More

Timing belts have been around long enough that most of our customers are well aware that they need to be replaced at a scheduled...Read More

Since I began doing part-time mobile diagnostic work for local shops, I've noticed that most "Diagnostic Dilemmas" I'm called upon to solve aren't really...Read More

A new cabin air filter is something many motorists need but often don’t know it. The cabin air filter (CAF) is not a well-known...Read More

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Photo 1 Springs and struts are prone to a few suspension issues, especially in the harsher northern climates. The front strut...Read More

An alignment angle doesn’t change randomly. There is a cause-and-effect relationship between external and ­internal forces that can alter the geometry of a vehicle’s...Read More

In 1963, almost every car manufactured in the U.S. had a solid rear axle. There were exceptions like the Corvette and Corvair. Today, pickup...Read More

If you are replacing a wheel bearing on a late-model vehicle, you’ll be dealing with a wheel speed sensor. In the past decade, wheel...Read More

Once nearly every car had solid rear axles, but today only a few – mostly pickup trucks – come so...Read More

One ride control manufacturer estimated that 80% of vehicles in junkyards still have their original shocks or struts. Part of the reason is that...Read More

Variable-assist, variable-rate or variable-effort power steering is used on a growing number of vehicles. Variable assist is a way of providing the best of...Read More

How do you handle a brake pulsation complaint or comeback? Blame the pads? The driver? Defective rotor? As they say, when you point your...Read More

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For better illustration, I’m using an early-model alternator in which spring-loaded carbon brushes create a rotating magnetic field by conducting...Read More

The ASE A5 Test has a large section (about 43%) dedicated to hydraulic, power assist and parking brake system diagnosis and repair. As it...Read More

Selling, mounting and balancing custom wheels can be a profitable business, but what about tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors? According to the National...Read More

As TPMS is becoming more common on vehicles, more misinformation is starting to develop as consumers and shops try to understand the systems. One...Read More

If you’ve been in this business long enough, you’ve heard stories or have seen photos on the Internet of lifts that have given way,...Read More

The latest reset tools and kits for tire pressure monitoring systems are easy to use and offer variety so technicians can troubleshoot sensors as...Read More

1. Cordless Tools Are Not As Powerful As Air ToolsThis is false for the majority of cordless tool categories. Most cordless tools are just...Read More

A scan tool is absolutely essential for diagnostics on today’s vehicles. You need a scan tool not only for diagnosing engine, emissions and transmission...Read More

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