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TIA Announces Dates for 2020 Federal Lobby Day

This year’s lobby day will take place May 6 followed by an international environmental summit May 7.

Massachusetts Data Access Hearing Draws Strong Support

The Massachusetts legislature now has until May 15 to determine whether to pass a bill that would ensure customers have access to repair data generated by their vehicle.

NJ Law: Carmakers Must Notify Customers of Warranty Rights

A New Jersey law will now require carkmakers to send a notice to consumers within 90 days of a new car lease or purchase about their warranty rights.

In Praise of Training: Why You Need to Spend the Time (and Money) to Train Your Employees

Ensuring that your employees and managers receive training on your policies is just as important as having sound policies in the first place.

Ohio’s Unsafe Used Tire Law Now in Effect

The new law adds an additional layer of consumer protections by penalizing retailers that knowingly install unsafe used tires.

OSHA’s Top Safety Violations of 2018

Is your shop in compliance? See what OSHA’s most frequently cited standards following worksite inspections are and then take a walk around your shop.

ASA Opposes Pennsylvania Vehicle Emissions Modification Bills

The Automotive Service Association is asking its members to oppose four bills making their way through the Pennsylvania legislature aimed at modifying the state’s vehicle emissions and maintenance program.

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

You know that marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in multiple states including California and Colorado. But what does that mean to you and your business?

Can I Ask Them to Sign That? An Introduction to Employment Agreements

An overview of employee agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements and employee handbooks.

employee noncompetition agreement confidentiality agreement
How the Department of Labor Helps You Hire Veterans

The Labor Department’s Veterans’ Employment Training Services (VETS) focuses on four key areas to support our nation’s veterans…

Global Brake Safety Council Releases Update To Brake Pad Failure Mode Field Study

This past year, the Global Brake Safety Council (GBSC) conducted an engineering field study of 3,200 discarded brake pads, to determine whether the pads had failed or were just worn past specifications.

brake parts and pads study
SEMA Members To Meet With Lawmakers At Upcoming Washington Rally

SEMA member companies are invited to connect with legislative officials and voice their concerns on issues that matter most to their businesses, during the 2018 SEMA Washington Rally on Wednesday, May 16.