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SEMA Members To Meet With Lawmakers At Upcoming Washington Rally

SEMA member companies are invited to connect with legislative officials and voice their concerns on issues that matter most to their businesses, during the 2018 SEMA Washington Rally on Wednesday, May 16.

Top Shop Discussion – Gun Policy

The topic of Guns in the Workplace came up during a panel at the 2018 Tire Review Top Shop event in Nashville, Tennessee. This is what our 2018 finalists and past winners had to say about the topic:   Tire Review:  I’m curious about your gun policies. Alpio Barbara, Redwood General Tire:  Your what? Patti

Six Ways to Keep From Being Sued by Your Employees

The occasional lawsuit is part of the cost of doing business; however, employers can help to reduce the number of employment suits they face by following these simple rules.

Sentencing Date Set For VW Exec In Emissions Cheating Case

A Volkswagen AG executive who has pled guilty to criminal charges that he conspired to cover up the automaker’s diesel emissions cheating scandal will be sentenced on Dec. 6, according to a text order Wednesday in Michigan federal court.

Avoiding Employment Lawsuits Over the Holiday Season

I adore the holidays. The hustle, the bustle, the presents, and the cheer all make me happy. However, for the sake of this column, I will be playing the part of Scrooge as we walk through some of the employment missteps that can occur during the most wonderful time of the year.

Drugs in the Workplace

As states legalize marijuana use and heroin addiction reaches epidemic levels, shops are pressed to balance a shrinking supply of employees and technicians with an increase in illegal – and legal – drug use. This 420, get a handle on employees and drug use in the workplace.

Preventive Healthcare for Your Company

I suppose some people really enjoy going to the doctor.  For most of us, however, being poked and prodded is not high on our to-do list. And yet we go anyway – sometimes even when we are not yet sick! Why? Because we realize there is value in preventive care and in diagnosing an infection before it

What Employers of LGBT Employees Need to Know

The Terminology In order to understand the issues, we first need to define the terms. According to the American Psychological Association, sex is defined as one’s biological status as either male or female, which is primarily associated with physical attributes. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society

Problem Employees

Managing difficult employees and holding them accountable in a litigation-happy environment often feels akin to walking a tightrope while wearing a blindfold. And while not every under-performing or disgruntled employee will take legal action, companies can discourage litigation by instituting and consistently following good discipline and performance policies. Two important management tools for handling challenging

The Art of Purchasing: Are You Covered?

You’ve worked hard to keep your business running. The last thing you need to worry about is an incident ending your business because you can’t afford to pick up the pieces. Reviewing your insurance plans about once a year is a good way to make sure you’re prepared to handle  virtually any incident. To help

Tax Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, in concert with the enactment of the Health Care and Education Tax Credits Reconciliation Act of 2010, resulted in a number of changes to the US tax code. As such there are a number of tax implications for individualsand businesses. With healthcare exchanges set to open

Collision Repair Lobbying 101

“You’re either at the table or you’re on the table.” I recently heard this quote and realized that it does a great job of summing up the consequences of not getting involved in your local, state and federal government.