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Military Profile: Richard Prigmore

Richard Prigmore currently serves in the National Guard while working in the tire industry. Prigmore was attending a community college when he decided to join the Army.

Military Profile: Andrew Taylor

Andrew “Butch” Taylor joined the Army National Guard while he was still in high school. During training Taylor attended One Station Unit Training.

Military Profile: Mike Shenk

Mike Shenk was supposed to be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. in February 2002. Instead of leaving the military, he was sent to Iraq following 9/11.

Military Profile: Gregg Caldwell

Gregg Caldwell’s experience in the military has led to a lifelong career. During his time in the U.S. Marine Corps, Caldwell worked as a motor mechanic fixing Humvee and 5-ton trucks.

Military Profile: Brian Smith

Brian Smith purchased Hillen Tire Pros in 2006. A year later he was deployed to Iraq for 18 months.

Military Profile: Toyo’s Roy Bromfield

While serving in the U.S. Army Roy Bromfield, CEO and president of Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp., had the opportunity to serve a year on a Army/NATO assignment in Greece.

Dealer Profile: Brad McKissick, Hometown Tire & Automotive Tire Pros

There’s a common misconception that being the “boss’ kid” means you get a free pass. Brad McKissick knows this isn’t the case. “It’s sometimes hard, working for your dad, but it pays off,” he says. Growing up in the business, McKissick jokes that he was fired several times early in his career.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Larry Sutton

Equipped with decades of experience in the rent-to-own industry, Larry Sutton is quietly revolutionizing the tire and wheel industry applying his business background across his RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels stores.

‘Steering’ Your Fleet Customers by Understanding Steer Tires

Tires represent the third largest operating cost for commercial trucking fleets – only payroll and fuel represent a larger expenditure. For a commercial tire dealer looking to be the go-to partner for fleets, it’s critical to help them protect this investment.

Forestry Industry Remains Hopeful New Administration will Positively Impact Logging

Like the loggers who work in the woods, the forestry industry somehow bounces back. Cyclical in nature, the industry faces ups and downs based on the economy and weather.

As quotas fluctuate, machines either sit idle or run full throttle. This can lead to varying tire demand year-over-year. Tire dealers who service this niche segment must learn to ride out the good and the bad alongside their forestry customers.

How to Save Your Company Money

While every company would prefer to not get sued, chances are it will happen. So, if you’re interested in learning about some common issues with fairly simple solutions that could save your company thousands (or millions) of dollars if you are sued, please, read on.

The Power of Gratitude

Tire dealers often say their business would fail without their employees. But do their employees know that? Sometimes owners and managers think they are communicating appreciation to their staff, but the sentiment may be falling short.