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Winter Tires: Planning Ahead

With winter upon us, brush up on how you need to prepare for the season.

Michelin Launches Pilot Sport 4S

Hurtling through the desert, a caravan of high performance cars – Mercedes-AMG E63s, Ferrari Californias and Audi R8s – chase down the California Highway Patrol. Fast cars pursuing a cop at speeds of more than 120 mph seems a bit backward, but this rapid drive was facilitated by Michelin North America.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Chris Chase

For most people a flat tire would ruin their day, but for Chris Chase it’s led to a lifelong career.

Senard: Tires Critical to Future Vehicles

Jean-Dominique Senard, CEO of Groupe Michelin, spoke with Tire Review about the tire industry and how future vehicles will impact the market.

Tapping a New Market

For some consumers, all-terrain vehicles and utility-terrain vehicles represent a fun weekend riding on the trails. For others, ATVs and UTVs represent a hard-working machine that gets the job done. For tire dealers, the ATV/UTV market represents an opportunity to service another tire customer. “The market has rebounded well since the economy worries in the

More Than Just Winter Tires

Las Vegas isn’t a place someone would typically associate with a Nokian Tyre ride-and-drive event, but in late September the tiremaker chose the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to debut its latest tire offering – the zLine A/S – to media and tire dealers.  It was the ideal venue to remind North American dealers that Nokian

2016 Top Shop Finalist: Dunn Tire

Honesty, integrity and transparency. These are the core values that Dunn Tire LLC strives to present its customers each day. And it is these same core values that have made the dealership so successful. Dunn Tire is a business engrained in the communities it serves. The dealership is an active participant in the betterment of

Embracing Online Sales

I’m experiencing déjà vu. Another tire manufacturer – Michelin North America – has entered the direct-to-consumer market. And no surprise, Tire Review’s website blew up with comments from tire dealers that manufacturers are out to steal the tire dealer’s business. I feel your pain. This direct-to-consumer sales trend hurts your business. You’re no longer in

Fuel Efficient Tires

Fuel efficient tires and the “green” movement go hand in hand. A concern for the environment, rising gas prices and government regulation all have helped grow demand for fuel-efficient tires. With each new set of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards the federal government sets, auto manufacturers are required to meet new fuel-economy benchmarks. While these

Financing Your Future

In a perfect world small businesses would have enough capital to fund any renovation or new construction project they wished to pursue. Buildings would never be run down, shops would use the latest equipment technology, and operating space wouldn’t be an issue. But this isn’t a perfect world. Construction costs can add up quickly and

Kumho Opening Doors in Georgia

  Kumho Tire Co. celebrated the opening of its first U.S. production facility in Macon, Ga., on May 2. The celebration included a ribbon cutting, plant tours and a tree planting ceremony. Several local, state and federal officials, as well as Kumho executives, were on hand for the ceremony. “North America is home to one

The Evolving Vehicle

Cars have come a long way since the first “production” vehicles made by Karl Benz. Power steering, automatic transmission, ABS systems and even TPMS, these technologies seem light years ahead of the technology in the first road car. Today we’re going even further, entering a new era of vehicle – the “smart” car. The autonomous