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How Long Does a Tire Last?

When customers ask, explain how their habits and driving conditions play the biggest role in tire life.

Continental’s Step-by-Step Tire Development Timeline

Follow the process from the beginning of an idea to product launch.

Pay Attention to Tire Tread

We dive into several types of tire treads and how distinctive designs affect the way a tire performs.

Ensure Your Tire Dealership Stays OSHA Compliant

Employers have a general duty to provide a safe workplace under the OSHA Act of 1970.

Continental osha complient
Embracing Technician Career Advancement

While not everyone may reach the top designation in their career as a service technician, the incentive to try should be present for all employees.

Sell Customers on Your Service Options, Not Price

We dive into the reasons why quality and service should take precedence over price when choosing an automotive service provider.

Identifying Weak Springs that Need to be Replaced

The constant use of springs as your customers drive causes them to wear down, highlighting noticeable performance issues.

The Secret Behind Selling Ride Control

Proper inspection and communication with customers can make the process of selling ride control a lot easier.

Why Commercial Fleet Tire Sales are Up

The demand for fleet tires is on the rise thanks to expanding population, the shift in mobility trends and car- and ride-sharing fleets.

What to Know About Flotation Sizes for Off-Roading

We talk about why flotation tires are important and when to suggest them to off-road adventurers.

Continental flotation sizes
Steel Belts are the Backbone of Modern Tires

Steel belt tires revolutionize performance, longevity and safety of tires.

How Lead/Pull Affects Tires

How well a vehicle stays in a lane is the result of a complex equation, involving the vehicle’s suspension, steering and tires.

Continental Power Steering