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Delinte Launches the New Bandit CrossOver

Delinte Tires launched its new Delinte Bandit CrossOver at the 2022 SEMA Show. “It is well known that SUVs and CUVs are experiencing incredible success in the market, with CUVs being the nation’s number one selling vehicle segment,” says Maxwell Wee, executive vice president of Sentury Tire USA. “Delinte recognizes that modifying SUVs and CUVs

Delinte Expands with a Full TBR Product Lineup

Delinte Tire will announce the launch of its new full line of Delinte TBR tires at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, according to parent company Sentury Tire. The same company with the technology to build commercial aircraft tires now offers TBR tires via the Delinte brand. Delinte says its TBR lineup will include

Delinte Launches New Mobile-First Website

The new website is one of the new consumer touch-points in the Delinte Tires rebranding strategy for 2020.

Sentury Tire Rebrands Delinte Tires to Target Younger Customers

Delinte will partner with various social media influencers to tap into a community of young drivers who range from extreme-sport enthusiasts to off-road weekend warriors, Sentury Tire says.