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Club 3633 Profile: Cameron Chernikow

Cameron Chernikow, 30
National Program Manager, Marketing & Communications
Tire Pros

The best advice Cameron Chernikow ever received was “Always be hungry to learn more.” She’s certainly listened. Chernikow is the creative mind behind much of Tire Pros’ national advertising, promotions and other initiatives/programs that support Tire Pros dealers.

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Chernikow’s hunger to learn helps her expand her knowledge to support tire dealers, whether through digital marketing or taking training seminars and attending summits.

The dealers she helps support are what she enjoys the most about the industry. “I’ve met so many great people between our team and our group of amazing dealers and their families,” she says. “Tire Pros dealers and their families are truly some of the most amazing, humble, gracious and generous people I have ever met.”

The knowledge she gains, along with her experience and influence, helps her coach and lead others and help them advance their careers, which to Chernikow defines success.


“I was taught from a very young age that with the right attitude and the drive to succeed, I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I was also taught that sometimes you fall down, and you have to have the strength to get back up on the horse – no matter how many times you fall off.”

FUN FACT: “I’m also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of chicken salad and carrot cake (but not together) – so I love searching for the best of both in every city/town I visit!”


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