Sherri Wolford Prioritizes Positivity in The Fast-Paced Tire Industry

Sherri Wolford Prioritizes Positivity in The Fast-Paced Tire Industry

After only two years in the tire service industry, Sherri Wolford’s can-do spirit and values have already had a positive impact on the distribution segment of Myers Industries.

Before working as the senior manager of marketing & communications with Myers Tire Supply, Sherri had 20 years of experience within the professional mechanic tool industry. Sherri’s vast experience in the automotive aftermarket along with her strong work ethic have been a great fit within Myers. In addition, the supplier relationships she has built over the years have been a key to her success.

“Myers is establishing many new marketing tactics this year. Although we have been the market leader for many years, we’ve been behind the game when it comes to social media and involvement in different trade organizations. My primary focus is to make sure we have the right reach and we’re getting the right information out to our customers,” she says.

“It’s very important we continue to engage our customers at trade shows while providing catalogs, educational material, and promotions that help our customers solve problems. We also strive to engage market influencers. We are the largest company within the tire service distribution market however we’ve not marketed ourselves as such and, we’re working to bridge that gap.”

It wasn’t just Sherri’s experience and ambition that helped her succeed in this industry. While those tools are important, it is Sherri’s unwavering positive attitude and optimistic character that sets her apart.

“I just live every day with positivity, and I don’t let things get me down. In addition, the more I can do to help people, the better,” says Sherri. “If I can make someone’s job easier by giving them the right tools, I go out of my way to make sure that happens. I always strive to prioritize other’s needs over my own.”

Her know-how and can-do attitude make her not only a force at Myers Tire Supply, but in the tire industry as a whole. Sherri uses her compassion and positivity to improve the experience at Myers and to help with some tire industry challenges.

“I think the biggest challenge facing our industry is the lack of workers and education around proper tire repair,” says Sherri.

Sherri is a huge proponent of Myers Tire Supply’s training course called “Do It Right”. Here, technicians across the country can learn how to repair tires according to the Rubber Manufacturer Association’s standards. Her advice is for everyone in the industry to take the training and learn the proper techniques. Sherri even took the course herself when she started at Myers.

“Where I think we can help in the industry is getting the word out and training new technicians on the “Do It Right” process,” says Sherri.  With rising tire costs, technicians are going to be tasked with repairing more tires.  Using the proper procedures will keep their customer safer.

Sherri’s passions go beyond just succeeding in her professional career. In her free time, she enjoys watching Cleveland sports, following NHRA Drag Racing and is a Disney enthusiast that collects Mickey Mouse watches.

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