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Nigeria Pledges to Continue Battle Against Sub-Standard Tyres

Nigeria’s Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) will destroy ≤667,000 worth of counterfeit and sub-standard tyres seized from importers smuggling them into the country from the neighbouring Benin Republic.


This news was disclosed by SON director general Dr. John Akanya, who commented that the destruction of property with such a high street value was necessary due to the danger it posed to human life.

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Commenting on the tyres and related goods seized by SON agents, Dr. Akanya said: "These are the handiwork of evil people who want to make money at all cost, not minding how it affects people’s life. What they do is that, for every good tyre, you have ten and that changes the balance." The director general believes that inconsistent nature of security at Nigeria’s borders and weak legislation in neighbouring countries is the root cause of Nigeria’s growing problems with sub-standard products.
Dr. Akanya said that SON would continue its campaign of eradicating counterfeit and sub-standard products in Nigeria, and reported that the organisation has the staff and resources to deal with those responsible for this illegal trade. "We will take them by fire,” he said. “Those wanting to spoil this country by importing bad tyres will fail. There will be no place for them to hide, because what they are into touches directly on the lives of Nigerians." (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.) 

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