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Club 3633: Brian Gallagher, Kumho Tire USA

Brian Gallagher has chartered fresh territory in a crowded field of tiremakers. But dig deeper and you soon realize he’s a two-time conquerer or cancer.

Brian Gallagher Kumho Tire USA Club 3633
Club 3633: Bobby Hendry, 31 Inc.

Throughout his career in the automotive aftermarket, Bobby Hendry has always lived by the advice his dad – an industry vet – gave to him at a young age: Give your greatest effort with an honest and open heart.

Bobby Hendry 31 Inc Club 3633
Club 3633: Steve Ferrante, Pinnacle Performance Training

Growing up in his family’s shop, Steve Ferrante’s passion for cars took shape early and has influenced his career ever since.

Steve Ferrante Pinnacle Performance Club 3633
Club 3633: Jared Kugel, TW Protection

After 11 year’s in the tire industry working for the family business, Jared Kugel is launching a venture of his own aimed at helping independent tire dealers make more profit.

Jared Kugel TW Protection Club 3633
Club 3633: Eric G. Turk, Conrad’s Tire Express and Total Car Care

At only 36, Eric Turk is the CEO and president of Conrad’s Tire Express & Total Care. But for him, success isn’t measured by a title. It’s greater than that.

Eric Turk Conrad's Tire Express Total Car Care CEO club 3633
Club 3633: Alexa Moeller, BKT Tires

As a native of what was once known as the rubber capital of the world, Alexa Moeller is no stranger to the tire industry.

Alexa Moeller, marketing coordinator for BKT Tires
Club 3633: TJ White, Tire Source

TJ White was doing oil changes and changing tires years before he received his accounting degree. But the two combined allowed him to quickly excel in the family business.

TJ White Tire Source Fairlawn Ohio club 3633
Club 3633: Jacki Lutz, Schrader Performance Sensors

For Jacki Lutz, being director of Schrader Performance Sensor’s communications is not just a job – it’s a lifestyle.

club 3633 jacki lutz schrader performance sensors
Club 3633: Anthony Greci, Winding Brook Tire Pros

Winding Brook Tire Pros traces its beginnings to another business’ end, which ignited Anthony Greci’s dream of owning his own shop.

Anthony Greci Tire Pros Winding Brook club 3633
Club 3633: Brandon Johnson, Eagle Tire Pros

Brandon Johnson has been there and back again – back in the tire business, that is. See how Johnson, a son of a tire dealer, found his way back into his family’s industry.

Brandon Johnson Tire Eagle Pros Club 3633
Club 3633: Mike Rizzo, Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake & Service

Mike Rizzo has walked a long road to get to where he is today, and he credits the advice and examples from those in and outside the tire industry for giving him the confidence to succeed.

Mike Rizzo Lex Brodies Tire Brake Service club 3633
Transforming a Tire Shop: How 4 Techs, a Driver Helped Grow Sales at Pat’s Auto Repair

Something magical is happening at Pat’s Auto Repair – Tire Pros. A big part of that difference came from the “Four Amigos.”

Pat's Auto Repair Tire Pros Sales Growth