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Brandon Johnson Tire Eagle Pros Club 3633

Club 3633

Club 3633: Brandon Johnson, Eagle Tire Pros

Brandon Johnson has been there and back again – back in the tire business, that is. See how Johnson, a son of a tire dealer, found his way back into his family’s industry.

Brandon Johnson Tire Eagle Pros Club 3633

Brandon Johnson, Eagle Tire Pros’ chief operating officer

Brandon Johnson has been there and back again – back in the tire business, that is.


After finishing a master’s degree, Johnson worked for a while in the political sphere until the politics lifestyle burnt him out. After hearing Johnson’s frustrations with his current position, his father finally convinced him to come back into the family business.

“Giving up the political realm was tough, but I don’t regret it,” he says. “I think working in business is my real passion. If I wasn’t here, I would likely try to work corporately for a tire manufacturer.”

And even at the age of 24, tires are very much in Johnson’s blood. His great-grandfather retired from the Uniroyal Tire Company, and both his grandfather and father are tire dealers. Making waves in the tire industry is par for the course in the family.


“My dad has had his own shop since he was just 19!” says Johnson, chief operating officer of Eagle Tire Pros.

Johnson is working hard to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change in the industry. He’s already attained certifications from Michelin, Falken, Bridgestone and TIA, and he’s working toward Continental and ASE certifications.

The advice of his father and lessons from JROTC have helped form the backbone of Johnson’s character. He describes the business ethics he inherited from his father as being “business-minded, but compassionate.”

“It’s easy to measure in dollars and cents, but I like to look at more than that. I enjoy having a team of professionals that earn a living in a fair, honest way. I like to see customers having a hassle-free experience every time they walk into our shop. I think success for us is treating folks like neighbors – not like customers.”


While Johnson retains a deep interest in politics – he counts Ronald Reagan as a kindred political spirit and Barry Goldwater as the author of his favorite book – he’s confident he’s in the right place, back in the industry earning a living and serving customers.

“I love the opportunity to truly help people. Vehicles are a sense of independence to many, and when they have issues, a person’s life can get seriously uncomfortable. I enjoy being able to help people gain their independence again through keeping their vehicle in top condition.”

Fun Fact: Undeterred by being snubbed by Hogwarts when he was 11, Johnson remains dedicated to his childhood goal of becoming a wizard. Or a Jedi – he says he is still working on mastering the Force.

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Club 3633

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