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Club 3633: Crystal Nelson, Tire Pros

If you follow Tire Pros on social media, you’re very familiar with Crystal Nelson’s work. Get to know more about Tire Pros’ digital marketing manager.

Crystal Nelson Tire Pros Club 3633
Club 3633: Terry Wilson, Wilson Tire

As one part of a two-man tire operation, Terry Wilson runs the business with heart and integrity. Learn more about Wilson, a member of Tire Review’s 2018 Class of Club 3633.

Tery Wilson Wilson Tire Holton Kansas
Modern Cooling System Design: It’s More About Powertrain than Temperature

New cooling system technology will make ICEs run better and cleaner. So, let’s get on the same page by reviewing some basics.

cooling system modern
Club 3633: Kunj Misra, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Get to know Kunj Misra, senior manager, distribution and operations planning for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Tire Review Club 3633 Cooper Tire Kunj Misra
Club 3633: Tom Eisenberg, West Coast Tire Pros

At 28, Tom Eisenberg is blazing his own trail as the fifth-generation owner of the family business. Get to know the owner of West Coast Tire Pros.

Tom Eisenberg West Coast Tire Pros Club 3633
OTR Tires: Making Alternative Recommendations When the OE Tire Isn’t Right for the Job

Customers look to you to make the correct tire recommendation for their specific application. But, when the tire being used is not correct in both the size and type for the specific application, what can you do?

OTR Tire OE Tire Not Right
Dealing with the Pain of Change | In Perspective

Change is coming to the tire industry. Don’t hang onto the things that no longer serve you, are protecting a past or becoming quickly outdated.

Patti Renner Hoying