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Eco-Friendly Tires

There aren’t many products with a worse environmental image than tires. Too many people have seen huge piles of scrap tires, or worse still, burning tires that defy attempts to extinguish them. It’s a problem that’s hard to ignore, and, not surprisingly, tire manufacturers today seem to be very sensitive to the issue. Tiremakers stress their commitment

Ag Tire Dealers Face a Myriad of Challenges

For most companies, the single largest expense is employee benefits. Often, companies will consider that to include wages, bonuses, commissions, healthcare, and 401(k) programs. But what about the costs of keeping your largest investment safe and properly trained – not to mention, the costs of attracting and retaining the best possible talent? A long-emerging and

The Quiet Giant

In 2015, the giant OTR tire segment experienced low demand in north America and globally. Several tire manufacturers reported a flat 2015 and expect the market to remain much the same in the coming year. “The North American mining tire market has been impacted by the ongoing slowdown in global mining operations. Production has been

The Great Property Debate: Buying vs. Leasing

When Scott Rhodes’ father opened the family’s first tire store in 1963, he bought the real estate. Little did he know that the single purchase would eventually grow into a 59-location chain – 55 properties of which the family would also own rather than lease. With facility sizes between 4,000 and 10,000 square feet, that’s

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: John Zisser

When protests turned to riots in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014, John Zisser sat in his living room, local news on the television, and watched in dismay as looters shattered the windows of his tire dealership and carried out much of the inventory. “There wasn’t a darn thing I could do,” recalls Zisser, who founded

Google: Changing the Rules

In a world where more than 80% of prospective consumers will see your ad but still look you up online before calling or visiting your dealership, an ad placement in a local Google search is critical. A local search is triggered when someone types in “tires” and the name of the city in which you

Performing Background Checks

While conducting reference checks on potential employees is a sensible way of managing your business risk, employers must carefully follow legal limits on the type and extent of background checks they can conduct. First, when making inquiries into an applicant’s past, ask for the consent of the applicant and get approval in writing. Inform the

Managing Cash Flow

Are you paper rich but cash poor? A business can be profitable on paper, but bankrupt in real life – if you don’t manage cash flow effectively. Without cash, a tire dealership will inevitably shut down, regardless of how profitable it looks on paper. You can be “rich” in accounts receivable and inventory but cash

K&M Tire Dealer Conference: More and More

After years of watching its annual dealer conference progressively grow larger and larger, the under-theme of K & M Tire’s 2016 gathering had to be “more and more.” More products, more programs and more opportunities were the talk of the two-day program at the Overland Park Convention Center, in suburban Kansas City. And K&M Tire

Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 3+

Why does Michelin race? Groupe Michelin sees the racetrack, and races such as Le Mans, as an opportunity to innovate. “We see the track as a laboratory. Conditions are exacting and sometimes excruciating and feedback is immediate. At the track we test, race, learn and then repeat the process. Because the research and development cycle

Maintaining Wheels, Drums Requires Focus

Every fleet manager is interested in minimizing his fleet’s operating costs. But some fail to understand the importance of gaining every bit of service life out of equipment that’s economically possible? That’s true, of course, for trucks, tractors and trailers, but it’s also true for the parts that make up a fleet’s rolling assets. Some

TPMS & ATIS Protect Tires, Require Attention

Understanding the difference between tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS), as well as proper maintenance for both systems, is an important part of supporting a well-run fleet. According to Al Cohn, director of new market development and engineering support for Pressure Systems International, “The function of TPMS is to alert