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Breaking Through

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s 2016 Dealer Conference was its biggest yet. More than 2,100 people attended the tiremaker’s “Breakthrough”-themed conference hosted just outside Washington, D.C., on Jan. 27-29. The three-day conference featured a trade show, educational sessions, new product announcements, and speeches from Goodyear execs. The executives outlined the tiremaker’s ongoing business strategy and

Loaded Strut Advantages

Recommending and selling loaded strut assemblies not only makes for happier, safer and more profitable technicians, it also provides the customer with the benefit of completely new components. In addition to the strut itself, a loaded strut includes the upper strut mount, strut bumper and boot, spring seat and insulators, and coil spring. Prior to

Give and Take

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, corrosion is defined as “the process where a material, especially a metal, is broken down or destroyed through chemical reactions.” The corrosion we are all most familiar with is that which affects steel, iron’s most common alloy. While just the presence of oxygen in the air, along with some moisture,

Matching Tires on All Axles

Unless you are mounting all new tires at the same time onto a piece of equipment, you need to understand the importance of proper tire matching. Next to air pressure, matching of tires in all positions is critical to the performance of the tires and the piece of equipment. Today’s on board computers make it

Classic Jim, Here’s to You

Anyone who Visited Jim’s office was immediately taken with his Jack Daniel’s oak barrel hanging rack. Upon the barrel Jim displayed lanyards from the more than 400 industry events, trade shows, conferences and dealer meetings he attended during his 30 years in the tire industry and 16 years as editor of Tire Review.  Every badge

Remembering Jim Smith

Longtime Tire Review Editor Jim Smith passed away unexpectedly Feb. 18 while attending the Tire Industry Association OTR Conference. He was 57. Jim spent more than 30 years working in the tire and automotive industries, with the last 16 years spent at the helm of Tire Review. Those who knew Jim know he was very

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Marc Yount

The year Marc Yount started Marc Yount’s Tire Pros in Evans, Ga., was a hectic one. Despite several hurdles that first year in business, becoming an independent tire dealer proved successful for Yount, 64, and something he is proud of today. “I’m proud to be an independent tire dealer because of our independence,” Yount says.

Value of a Business Plan

Business plans are for start-ups, right? Why would an established business need one? The fact is, the questions you have to answer as a start-up get forgotten in the daily hubbub of running a business. A little time spent asking some basic questions can trigger new opportunities, greater freedom or both. If you are reading

7 Things You Should Know About Payroll Tax

Any time the federal government, a state government and a small business intersect, there are bound to be nuances. And when it comes to payroll taxes, those details matter; tax authorities take very seriously the withholding and remitting of funds from employees’ paychecks. Here are seven things you may not know about payroll taxes and

Tax Breaks for Working with Family

Could you use an extra tax break, however small? The answer might be standing right in front of you. Employing your kids has numerous benefits, whether to introduce them to the family business, enable them to make a little cash or just teach them some basic job skills. Not only is more money kept in

Partners Day Strategy

At its annual Partners Day meeting in Liberia, Costa Rica, Hankook Tire America Corp. provided the 87 dealers in attendance an overview of the tiremaker’s strategy in terms of logistics, production, OE, marketing strategies and R&D technologies. Shawn Denlein, senior vice president of sales for Hankook Tire America Corp., said that significant investments in each

Power Steering: Understanding the Dynamics and Diagnostics

Twenty-five years ago, when the power steering failed, diagnosing the system was easy. The most difficult problem to diagnose was the “morning sickness” that plagued some vehicles when they were cold. Today, the introduction of speed sensitive steering, electric power steering and computer controls have made power steering diagnostics more demanding. There are two types