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Battery Charging Tips

Do not turn the charger on until both leads have been connected to the battery. Connect positive to positive and negative to negative. Do not reverse the connections as doing so may damage the charger and battery. Slow-charging at 6 amps or less is best because it develops less heat inside the battery (which can

Don’t Overlook Replacement Belt Sales Opportunities

Serpentine belts, V-belts and timing belts are all automotive components that have a limited service life. New belts should always be recommended when a customer is buying a water pump, alternator, A/C compressor or power steering pump. A new timing belt should also be installed when replacing a cylinder head or camshaft on an overhead

Indirect TPMS Making A Comeback On Some Imports

Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are the systems that do not have air pressure sensors inside the tires. Rather, they detect a low tire by comparing relative wheel speeds via the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) wheel speed sensors. When a tire loses air, its diameter decreases slightly. Older indirect TPMS are not as sensitive

Twin-Tube Advantage

Twin tube shocks and struts have been used as OE on most vehicles for many years. In recent years, though, we’ve also seen more monotube shocks and struts being used as OE dampers on sports and performance vehicles. So what’s the difference and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each design? In 1932, the

Cabin Air: The ‘Hidden’ Filter

Many motorists are unaware their vehicle has a cabin air filter, much less where the filter is or how to replace it. Cabin air filters have been included in many vehicles since the mid-1980s, and are used in more than 90 percent of newer cars and trucks. Yet many motorists are unaware their vehicle has

Take Charge Of A/C

Get familiar with what refrigerants are used in automotive A/C systems, as not all use the same type.

How Vehicle Software is Changing the Stopping Game

There was a time when advancements in brake technology were entirely hardware based. The change from drum to disc brakes, the introduction of semi-metallic and ceramic pads, and the addition of power brakes as standard equipment were all changes achieved by redesigned and improved brake system components. Today, electronics is driving most of the advancements

A/C Compressors Take A Pounding

Insight to A/C compressor pumps for tire dealers and technicians.

Ball Joints Critical To Steering, Suspension

How do you fix an air ride suspension that has gone flat?

Cabin Air: The Unseen Automotive Filter

A new cabin air filter is something many motorists need but often don’t know it. The cabin air filter (CAF) is not a well-known or well-publicized filter. Close to 90% of late-model cars and trucks now come factory-equipped with a cabin air filter, but the original filters in many of these vehicles have never been

Oil Filters: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

To many people, oil filters are a generic product. They look for the cheapest filter that fits their vehicle and make their buying decision based on price alone. Oil filters do look pretty much the same on the outside, but what’s inside the can or cartridge can make a big difference. Filter manufacturers use a

Starter & Alternator Replacement

Rotating electrics in older vehicles make for added sales opportunities