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There’s Bucks in LT/SUV Tire Balancing

Tire/wheel balancing is a service that most tire dealers offer because it helps tires ride smoother and last longer. It can also add some much-needed profit to your bottom line. Proper balance is especially important with light truck/SUV tires – especially LT-sized units ®€“ because of their larger diameter and heavier tread and casing. The

Customer Pays with Cheap Stems

The consumer media has given a great deal of ink and air-time recently to the issue of tire safety and the various factors that can cause a tire to fail. But one item most of these reports have not touched upon is the valve stem Think about it. The valve stem is what keeps the

The Gripping Tale of Winter Tires

It’s not a big segment of the U.S. market – only about 4% – but winter tires are a significant sales opportunity for tire dealers who live in traditionally snowy parts of the country. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, heavy and consistent snowfalls can hit most of the continental U.S. – from Nevada north

Changing To Meet Changing Needs

Changing To Meet Changing Needs Changes in the medium-duty truck market, as well as rising fuel prices, are driving many of the changes we are now seeing in tires for these vehicles. According to industry statistics, the most popular replacement tire sizes for medium duty commercial trucks from 1996 to 1998 were: 11R22.5, 285/75R22.5 and

Technology Sets Pace for Growing Segments

Technology Sets Pace for Growing Segments Light trucks and SUVs continue to set new sales records, and there’s no sign that the public’s love affair with them is going to cool anytime soon.Some even estimate that by 2004, North American production of light trucks and SUVs will be 40 percent greater than it is now!People