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2015 TIRES Study

The Tire Review TIRES Study – now in its third year – was developed to deliver deeper, more meaningful data to help our understanding of how tires get sold in real terms. The TIRES Study captures live transactional data from retail and commercial tire dealers, including the top selling brands in each category as well

2015 Consumer Profile

“The Boss,” those people who walk in and out of your front doors every day, they are the reason you get up every morning. They make you independent, and their purchases at your retail store, warehouse or commercial tire center pay your bills and your employees, and puts money back into the local economy. They

2015 Tire Brand Study

The Tire Review Tire Brand Study – a compendium of how tire dealers feel the brands they regularly stock and sell perform in the market – continues this year. And now our data is presented over a three-year period so that you can get a better sense how your fellow tire dealers view the various

2015 Tire Market Profile

Even if you’ve been in the tire industry for a mere 12 months, you’ve probably seen more movement and change and shifts than you thought were possible. 2014 was most definitely a year of massive change, which we’ve seen spill over into the current year. With all of the shifts and changes and re-directions we’ve

The Evolving Tire Landscape

Thirty years ago it was a much different world. Fax machines had just become a thing. There was no Internet, no such thing as a cellphone let alone a smart one, and the first PCs were appearing in offices. In the tire universe, we were still busy radializing consumer and truck tires; OTR and agricultural