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Oriente Tire USA Taps Halldane as the Petlas Tire New Sales Director

Oriente Tire U.S.A, LLC. has named David R.J. Halldane as its U.S. sales director for Petlas.

U.S. Growth of Petlas Tire Brings Opportunity for Dealers, Leaders

Petlas is looking to expand its passenger line in the US, offering a quality product at a good margin with territory protection for dealers. They’re also looking for the right industry veteran to lead the U.S. launch.

Petlas Tire Industry Appoints Oriente Tire USA As Exclusive Distributor For Petlas PCR/LTR, SUV Tires In The US

Petlas Tire Industry has signed an exclusive sales agreement for the U.S. market with Oriente Tire USA, based in Miami, Florida.

New Petlas PCR Pattern in Development

Petlas has announced that a new design of its PCR pattern is in development.

Petlas PT 555
Petlas to Create Fully Automated Warehouse

Petlas Tire and Trade Corp. has continued its investment in combining information technology and industry.

Petlas Adds New Tire Pattern to Agricultural Trailer Range

Petlas has released a new tire pattern for agricultural trailer and baler applications.

Petlas UN11 agricultural tire
Petlas Expands Forklift Tire Range

Petlas’ forklift tires range has been expanded to include 17 sizes and three patterns (HL10, HL30 and HL40).

Petlas Pattern Release
Petlas Releases New Ag Tires Designs

The new TA130 and VF HLT 45 ag tires by Petlas are designed to minimize soil compaction in the field.

Petlas Adds New Tires to Its Wide Industrial and OTR Range

Petlas Tire Corp. has added radial grader, earthmover and loader tires to its wide industrial and OTR tire range.

Petlas Continues R&D Work

Petlas has introduced Turkey’s first run flat and all steel OTR tires as a result of its testing efforts from its R&D center.

Petlas testing