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Petlas Adds New Tires to Its Wide Industrial and OTR Range

Petlas Tire Corp. has added radial grader, earthmover and loader tires to its wide industrial and OTR tire range.


Petlas has added new tires to its wide industrial and OTR range.

Petlas Tire Corp. has added new tires including radial grader, earthmover and loader tires to its wide industrial and OTR tire range.

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Petlas will offer Ptx ND31, Ptx L31-Ptx L41, Ptx L42 and Ptx L43 tread patterns in its radial OTR range.

The Ptx L31 (E3-L3) and Ptx L41 (L3) are steel radial tires of similar design and could soon be available in sizes 20.5 R25, 23.5 R25 and 29.5 R25. Petlas said the sizes are “under development” in a release.

The tires are designed for use on loaders and articulated terrain trucks, Petlas’ website says.

The tires’ special grooving helps it self-clean with an interconnected block design that protects both tires on multiple surfaces. Currently, the 26.5 R25 size is available for both tires.

Other OTR tread designs include:

Ptx ND3: a multi-purpose radial industrial tire developed for backhoe loaders used in construction areas and suitable for industrial-heavy duty needs. It comes in sizes  340/80 R18, 440/80 R28, 405/70 R20, 460/70 R24 and 400/70 R20.

Ptx L42: a steel radial heavy duty vehicle tire that has resistance to tears and wears in worksites and on challenging roads in all kinds of weather conditions, according to Petlas’ website. It comes in size 14.00R24.


Ptx L43 (E3-G3):  steel-constructed tire best suited for muddy and sandy surfaces. It comes in size 17.5 R25.

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