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Petlas Releases New Ag Tires Designs

The new TA130 and VF HLT 45 ag tires by Petlas are designed to minimize soil compaction in the field.

Petlas has introduced Ag tires with improved flexion (IF) and all steel very high flexion (VF) designs to reduce soil compaction. With increasingly larger and heavier equipment in the field, Petlas recently released the TA130 and VF HLT 45 designs, which the company says hold up heavier loads effectively in the field and on the road.

TA130, an R1W tire designed for high power tractors, carries 20% more load than standard tires at the same air pressure. Flexible sidewalls and large footprint reduce soil compaction while delivering high performance under heavy loads with lower pressure for a more comfortable ride. It is available in sizes IF 600/70 R30 and IF 800/70 now.

VF HLT 45 is designed to reduce soil compaction issues with trailers. The tire’s radial, all-steel construction enables VF HLT 45 to keep its strength even under lower pressures and distribute the weight over a larger surface area to help reduce soil compaction thanks to VF technology. The tire offers superior performance for improved productivity is now available in size 285/70 R19.5.

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