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Club 3633: Austin Miller, Tire Star of Wolcottville & Tire Star of Ligonier

At an age when most of his peers were picking out a college or starting out in the workforce, Austin Miller wasn’t just working – he was already owner of his own business.

Austin Miller club 3633 tire star of wolcottville
How to Set Up a City Page in 10 Steps

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you have all the information you need when setting up your city page.

Set up a City Page tire shop retailers
City Pages: A Growth Strategy Very Few Tire Dealers Know About

Sure, city pages require some up-front effort, but creating one is dramatically effective, essentially free and will help your business in the digital landscape.

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The Evolution of the Tire Industry: The Struggle for Independent Tire Dealers

It’s a story you may have heard before: the consolidation of retail outlets, advancing technology and additional market shifts result in increasing pressure for those remaining independent dealers. But why is this shift happening? And what are options to support your success moving forward?

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Tire Dealer Incentives: Getting More From Associate Dealer Programs

See how the programs you use stack up against the rest,and learn to get the most rewards for the amount of inventory purchased for your shop.

Tire Dealer Incentive Trips Kumho
Tire Dealer Incentives: How Spiffs Impact Your Business

The person at the counter will change a consumer’s opinion close to 60% of the time on what type of tire they should buy. How do dealer incentives from tire manufacturers play a role?

Tire Dealer Incentive trips
Proud to Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Elizabeth Tucker and Joe Oliver, Big T Tire

What started as her husband’s dream of opening a tire shop became Elizabeth Tucker’s life and passion. Now with her grandson as her partner in business, Big T Tire has grown and proven itself over the years

Tire Discounters Adds Two Locations in Georgia

The Lou Johnson family of Dalton, Georgia announced today they are teaming up with the Wood family of Cincinnati, Ohio to ensure their two stores, Turbo Tire and Johnson’s Tire Pros continue a tradition of great customer service as Tire Discounters.

Reach Your Goals With Our 2018 Business Planning Checklist

A new year means a fresh start! Use our 2018 Business Planning Checklist to be sure you’re setting your business up to hit its goals.

What Independent Dealers Mean in Today’s World

In an age where they are under constant attack from new car dealers, national chains and online retailers, the independent tire dealer continues to thrive. Despite increased competition from traditional automotive repair chains, there are still thousands of family-owned and operated tire dealers serving their communities each day. I’ve been representing these businesses in Washington,