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TPMS & Tires of the Future

Even without air, the practice of collecting data from tires will remain.

Airless Tires Represent Another Milestone Breakthrough

Airless tires, a potential game-changing breakthrough, may become mainstream by 2024.

Michelin, Hiab USA Partner on Forklift Tires

The OEM tires for the Moffett truck-mounted forklift showcase airless tires from Michelin.

Do Airless Tires Mean TPMS is a Thing of the Past?

Collecting data from tires won’t go away if the air does.

Bridgestone To Develop Lunar Terrain Vehicle Tires

Bridgestone is joining the Teledyne Brown Engineering team to design and build the crewed lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) for NASA in support of future exploration on the moon. Bridgestone says it signed an exclusive teaming agreement with the Teledyne Team to provide lunar tires for the program. To ensure tire function and safety under difficult