October 2020 Archives - Tire Review Magazine
Maximizing TPMS Sales for Winter Tire Season

Soon enough, you will have the opportunity to see a nice bump in sales due to what we have come to know and love as “winter tire season.”

AAA Car Subscription Adds to EV Momentum

Even with COVID-19 dinging overall demand for new vehicles at the moment, the electric-vehicle (EV) market is poised for growth.

Technology, Regulation, Weather Dictate Tire Evolution

Compared to winter and summer tires, all-season tires dominate market share in the leading North American and Chinese tire markets.

Commercial Drive Tire Trifecta

We dive into the importance of commercial drive tires and the critical role they play in keeping America moving forward.

10 Tips for Daily Brake Lathe Maintenance

Keep your brake lathe running smoothly by following these 10 tips on a daily basis.

Five Attributes to Look for in Telehandler Tires

Tires affect a telehandler’s reliability, ride comfort and total cost of ownership and will have a direct impact on a customer’s jobsite performance.

The Power of Consistent Marketing

Successful shops know that brand positioning is invaluable during this unique time.

Dealer Focus: Rob Duckworth, Tire Outlet

Robert Duckworth turned around Tire Outlet’s Palatka location, making it one of the 12-store dealership’s most profitable, with a lot of elbow grease and a focus on operational efficiency.

Custom Wheel Service Checklist

There are certain rules of the road to abide by when servicing custom tire/wheel combos so that customers walk away with satisfied service that leads to repeat business.

Test Drives: They Mean More Than You Think

No matter what the reason, a verification process can help shops find deficiencies and correct issues before those issues impact a customer.

2020 Top Shop Winner: Waukegan Tire & Supply Co.

Having been a finalist in the Tire Review Top Shop competition three times (in 2010, 2017 and 2019), Jerry Nerheim and his team at Waukegan Tire have taken the top honor this year.

2020 Top Shops: Accolades Amidst Adversity

It was no surprise that, even in the face of adversity, there was no shortage of entries in Tire Review’s 2020 Top Shop Competition.