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Open Up and Reach Out

Experienced dealers share their secrets for successful sales-building events.

Embracing Diversity

U.S. and Canadian tire dealers face ever-shifting demographics, which means they need to reinvent their marketing and customer service efforts if they wish to cater to all potential customers.

K.O. Tire

“Kevin and Lee have gone above and beyond for my wife and I on a number of occasions. They stand behind their work and even go out of their way to fix the mistakes of others.” “Superior service you never see anymore.” “Best tire shop ever, period.” These are just a few of the recent

Forestry Tires

The forest products industry is building back up.

When (If) Lead Is Banned

The industry weighs in on wheel weight options and legislation.

Coil on Plug Ignition

The wired differences.

It’s Really All About Lug Nuts

Examining the types, techniques and dos and don’ts of handling lug nuts and bolts.

Continuing Education Pays Off

Ongoing education helps ag tire consumers and keeps a dealer’s team safe and sound.

Cleaning Out the Grime

Getting rid of the unseen blockages makes things run as they should.

Online Campaign Gives Life to Shelved Idea

RightPSI makes use of Kickstarter to raise money for its tire pressure device.

Kanwar Looks to Future After Difficult 2013

Apollo Tyres’ attempt to take over Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. was supposed to be a game changer, markedly reshape the global tire landscape and make the Indian tiremaker one of the world’s 10 largest concerns. To say things didn’t go well would be an understatement. The deal “officially” ended when Cooper pulled out just

Neeraj Kanwar Apollo Tyres Ltd
OTR Conference Sees Changes, Record Attendance

Change is good, and sometimes a lot of change is better. That seemed to be the main theme of this year’s OTR Tire Conference presented by TIA. Returning stateside after last year’s meeting in Puerto Rico, the event featured a sharp new logo, a revamped schedule, some new sessions, three subject-specific breakout sessions and more