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What to Know About Flotation Sizes for Off-Roading

We talk about why flotation tires are important and when to suggest them to off-road adventurers.

Continental flotation sizes
Steel Belts are the Backbone of Modern Tires

Steel belt tires revolutionize performance, longevity and safety of tires.

How Lead/Pull Affects Tires

How well a vehicle stays in a lane is the result of a complex equation, involving the vehicle’s suspension, steering and tires.

Continental Power Steering
The ‘Why’ Behind Vehicle Electrification

EV ownership is sparking conversations about infrastructure, sustainability and battery technology.

Continental vehicle electrification
Why Batteries Fail in The Summer Heat

We look at why car batteries fail and give suggestions to pass on for how to limit heat damage.

batteries in the summer-heat
TPMS Sensor Signals: What is the Frequency Saying?

How do you manage TPMS sensor interference to resolve an issue?

Continental TPMS sensors
UHP Summer vs. UHP All-Season Tires

When is it best to recommend UHP all-season tires vs UHP summer tires? Find out in this Continental Tire Garage Studio video.

Tips for a More Precise Wheel Balance

Top-tier tires can’t compensate for imbalance or worn-out equipment.

TR-Continental wheel-balance
Tire Performance Must Match the Demands of SUV/CUV Drivers

Consider these factors when suggesting a tire that caters to the needs of customers with SUVs and CUVs.

Drive with Confidence Year-Round with Continental Tire’s Touring Tire Offerings

This video is sponsored by Continental Tire.

TR-Continental- Touring-Tires
National Tire Safety Week: Tips to Pass on to Your Customers

Use these tips to educate your customers about their tire health this week.

national tire safety week tips
How Creating Tire Service Packages Leads to Better Transparency

Consider offering good, better, best packages when offering services around installing new tires.

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