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Happy Surprise: Outstanding TIA Class

I just spent $950 in Orlando, Fla. You know, the land of Mickey and Min­nie Mouse. I had the greatest time with my 20-year-old son, Josh; the best we’ve had in years. Let me tell you, it was money well spent for my company. I attended a TIA training class in Orlando sponsored by Myers


Repair or Not Repair (and Under What Law), That is The Question

Tire Aging Issue Needs Attention, Not Excuses – Now

Would you knowingly in­stall four "new" tires that are actually six to 10 years old – or older – on your son or dau­gh­ter’s car? I already know your answer. Neither would I. And while most of you would never consider putting old tires on your children’s vehicles, I find it a bit disconcerting that

Separate Generations, Two CEOs Have Same Message for Dealers

"My one son can hardly write his name because he’s never used a pencil." Bill Berry wasn’t mocking his own grown progeny. The head of American Tire Distributors was making the point that today’s tire buyers are much, much different than they were just a few short years ago. They come from a different time

Driving More Business to Your Shop

National Car Care Month in April is the ideal time for tire dealerships to help consumers see the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance. Here’s how your shop can take advantage of the timing, by offering community car care events that feature free vehicle check-ups or inspections,

More Dialogue Needed to Sort Out Tire Repair, Used Tire Legislation

There has been a little discussion (see First Off, February 2012) about the concept of legislation, introduced by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), in reference to forcing all tire repair facilities to perform proper tire repairs and the impact of existing and/or new repairs to used tires intended for sale. This proposed legislative remedy would

Is Legislation the Way to Overcome a Century of ‘Fail’?

As suggested by RMA, a legislative solution for the basic rules of proper tire repair is being considered. The goal is to get ALL service facilities to utilize established, accepted and proven tire repair procedures and products.

TIA’s Expanded Training Effort a ‘Gift’ That Does Keep on Giving

The big news out of November’s SEMA Show/Global Tire Expo wasn’t really new "news." Equally, it wasn’t just more of the same. It was, though, perhaps the single biggest opportunity that you, your staff and your business have for a strong, growing future. “Training, training and more training.” That was the mantra recited by incoming

Give Returning Vets – and Yourself – a Break With the Hire Heroes Act

f 2011. President Obama signed the bill into law on Nov. 21, and now servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will have a leg up on gaining well-deserved (and hopefully good paying) employment upon their return. TIA was a strong backer of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which encourages businesses to hire

Improving Our ‘Technology’ With More Expertise and Experience

Got a letter recently from an "Appreciative Fan" of the tire industry. More precisely, of the technological wonders that are today’s radials. "I’m 78. I’ve driven on a lot of tires. I would like to thank the tire industry for designing and manufacturing better and safer tires," wrote Warren Modell of Bronx, N.Y., who mentioned

Getting Pink: 25 Years Later, Breast Cancer Awareness Month Still Needs Support

Please don’t turn away because you see pink. Please don’t think reading something with pink on it makes you less of a tire person. In fact, not paying attention could make you less of a person.The ribbon on our front cover and the logo on this page are in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness

Web, E-Newsletter, Magazine: Read All About It Everywhere

All men (and women) may have been created equal, but that is not the case with tire industry news. If that news is about you and your business, it’s the most vital information in the world. If it’s about one of your suppliers or a competitor, then you’d be rightly interested. A new product or