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Listen To Your Customers – They May Be Smarter Than You Think

Preventive maintenance makes sense from both a shop and consumer standpoint. Servicing techs who point out and make necessary repairs not only help keep their customers’ vehicles in top-running condition, but they gain customer trust and confidence in the process. Consumers win by avoiding bigger ticket repairs down the road and increasing the longevity of

Leadership Investment

Sometimes in business, it’s hard to spot your return on investment. That’s not true with Tire Leadership 21 – the return is right there in the syllabus. Send your employee to Tire Leadership 21 and they’ll produce a project aimed at creating $25,000 in revenue or savings. More importantly (something is more important than money?), your

Understanding Y

I am a Millennial, a card-carrying member of Generation Y. If you were to Google “Millennials,” a multitude of negative, positive, educated and uneducated views about the generation will appear. And, for each of these positive or negative stereotypes, I can find a friend who fits that mold. Hundreds of journalists, bloggers and scholars have

Winter Tires – I’m Sold

As I sat with the pedal to the floor looking out onto ice, I couldn’t help thinking this isn’t right. I shouldn’t have my right foot flat on the floor. How have I only hit 10 mph and why does that feel so fast? Most importantly, why am I driving a Lexus ES350 on a

Your Average Customer

I’ve been working in the tire industry now for just over six months and I still feel like and am a rookie. While I’ve learned a lot about the industry – in thanks to speaking with dealers and tire manufacturers – I still find myself looking at the industry from a consumer-based point of view.

For a Few Dollars More

Even as we were congratulating ourselves for dodging the sweeps month hidden camera run NBC’s Today Show took at tire and repair shops, a more compelling story ran on Nov. 21 on WTVD-TV in Raleigh/Durham, N.C. Investigative reporter Steve Daniels bought a few used tires from local shops, products promoted as “safe” by the stores,

TIA President’s Agenda

Incoming president Ken Brown outlines plans for his upcoming term.

Final Final Finally?

No, but NHTSA’s little tire grading and education scheme is coming in stereo – some day

Putting Change to Good Use

New faces from different places, moving forward with new opportunities – and you will benefit

Ignorance Is Intent: Fatalities On The Rise

Recently, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that traffic fatalities were up by nine percent. This number has consistently been declining every year since the 1970s by at least two percent. The last increase was blamed on a computer problem due to the implementation of a new crash reporting system.  The blame

Rising to the Same Level?

If consumers are paying more for tires and service, are your techs seeing any of the gravy?

Letter to the Editor: Should Have Used Other Sources

With regards to your March 2013 article "Step-by-Step Vehicle Alignment," I couldn’t agree more with the importance of alignment. In fact, Tire Discounters was the industry pioneer when in 1997 we introduced all-inclusive pricing including a free four-wheel alignment with the purchase of four tires. I do, however, question your choice of the Tire Rack