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Sometimes in business, it’s hard to spot your return on investment. That’s not true with Tire Leadership 21 – the return is right there in the syllabus.

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Send your employee to Tire Leadership 21 and they’ll produce a project aimed at creating $25,000 in revenue or savings. More importantly (something is more important than money?), your employee will be equipped with experience, tools and connections for the future.

This past week I had the chance to participate in the inaugural class of Tire Leadership 21 at Northwood University. I joined 20 others from tire dealerships across the country in the two-week class. Already, I’m looking forward to the second session of classes in September (not just because it’s in Florida).


Thrown right into an academic setting, participants stayed on campus at Northwood University in Midland, Mich. The setting gave everyone the chance to break away from his or her everyday routine, removing him or herself from the business to work on the business.

The first week’s session covered everything from problem solving, fraud and finances to management styles and DiSC behaviors. More than just lectures, the class broke into groups and worked together on case studies as well.

For many, myself included, learning about DiSC behaviors – behavioral traits based on personality – was the most fun. It left us analyzing each other’s actions and teasing each other the rest of the week.


I don’t believe, however, understanding DiSC behaviors is all participants left with. Knowing and learning more about the fraud triangle or being able to analyze how key metrics such as the nation’s average miles traveled, and how they affect day to day business, is bound to make your employee a more knowledgeable business professional. And that’s just what was learned inside the classroom.

Afterhours in Midland were often just as educational. During free time, dealers had the chance to pick each other’s brains about industry issues and things they’ve tried in their shops. I’m extremely lucky to have had the chance to participate in the conversations and understand more fully dealer’s day-to-day lives.


I can’t wait to work with and hang out with those I met at Tire Leadership 21 in September. Until then, I have my small group project and email correspondence.

Check out our upcoming issue of Tire Review for more about the class and hear from some of the tire dealers in attendance.

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