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Editor’s Notebook: The Perfect Storm for Vehicle TLC and Tire & Service Opportunities

Neglected auto care almost always means much higher costs down the road in the form of more extensive repairs or lost vehicle resale value. You know that all too well, but your customers’ vehicle maintenance habits sometimes don’t stack up.

Editor’s Notebook: Big Data to Set Your Course for Profitability in Motion

In the 2019 Tire Review Sourcebook, we showcase an abundance of data, statistics and information on tire dealer operations, tire brands and the automotive industry, presented in an easier-to-comprehend, more user-friendly format.

How Could Gas Price Increases Be Good News?

The recent news of gas price increases should be music to your ears — especially if you consider the role you can play in helping your customers boost fuel economy — says Mary DellaValle, editor of Tire Review.

The Future of Mobility… is Right Around the Corner

One can’t dispute the fact that things are changing — and for the better.

Editor’s Notebook: Passion Powers Performance

You may have noticed something different this month – the new face. I’d like to introduce myself as the new editor of Tire Review magazine.

In Perspective: Having the Confidence to Win

Confidence will protect you from the trends at play in the tire industry, Tire Review Editor Patti Hoying says.

In Perspective patti Hoying
In Perspective: A Look at the Winds of Change for Tire Dealers in 2019

After rolling under the radar for years, the tire industry is ripe for disruption in 2019 after an eventful 2018.

Blacks Tire Dealer Meeting 2019
In Perspective: Guiding Your Thoughts to Design Your Success

When faced with the insane loop of doing things the same way while hoping for better outcomes, replace that loop with your own visualization, then actions, to preprogram the changes you need for your success in 2019.

Patti Hoying Alaska Tire Review
In Perspective: Exploring the Focus of Your Future Business Model Amid Fragmentation of the Tire Industry

When you consider the three possible directions, where will your shop be five years from now? Tire Review Editor Patti Hoying shares how she sees the future of the tire industry.

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In Perspective: Raising the Bar to Shift into Top Shop Mode

“My hope is that after reading the stories of our Top Shop Winner and Finalists in our October issue, you’ll walk away with an idea or an inspiration to help you raise the bar at your organization,” says Tire Review Editor Patti Hoying.

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A Future Without Friction: The Megatrend Behind the News

At the heart of sweeping changes in our industry is eliminating friction, which results in a consumer having a need and seamlessly getting that need satisfied. It should also be an essential consideration when rethinking your approach to your business operations, writes Tire Review Editor Patti Hoying.

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Life is a Banquet: Sourcing Inspiration from the Outside In

Be a “pick and choose” business innovator. The tire and auto industry is changing quickly with more shifts to come, and you have to be ready.

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