BKT releases PowerTrailer SR 331 all-steel radial tire

BKT releases PowerTrailer SR 331 all-steel radial tire

The PowerTrailer SR 331 is designed to meet the needs of trailer and tanker transport applications.

BKT has released its PowerTrailer SR 331 all-steel radial tire, which was announced a few months ago and is taking the field among the company’s flagship products. The tire manufacturer has a portfolio of more than 3,600 products. According to BKT, the PowerTrailer SR 331 is a solution designed to meet the needs that are typical of trailer and tanker transport applications and is particularly suitable for road transport operations.

“PowerTrailer SR 331 is an innovative solution in terms of performance, especially on the road, exceeding our expectations and showcasing BKT’s commitment to providing high-quality products,” Piero Torassa, field engineering manager at BKT said. “By means of this new tire, we want to ensure a superior level of the overall end-user experience. In fact, compared to similar solutions available on the market, PowerTrailer SR 331 distinguishes itself for its durability and strength, but it actually stands out as a synonym for fuel economy. This is a positive contribution in favor of the environment.”

BKT said this tire features flotation properties that help reduce soil compaction by preventing soil damage and preserving its structure. Meanwhile, the lower rolling resistance ensures savings in fuel consumption and, as a result, in costs.

Another feature of PowerTrailer SR 331 is its stability, even at high speeds, during handling situations, such as cornering or traffic circles where significant weight transfer occurs, BKT said. Moreover, the all-steel construction ensures transportation performance even at high load capacities, while the special sidewall rib protects against impacts and tire rubbing effects. In addition, the hexagonal bead with chafer reinforcement makes sure that the tire fits to the rim.

Also, BKT said there are plenty of operator’s advantages, who, thanks to the multi-block tread design, can benefit from driving comfort and roadability, even in wet conditions.

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