Tim Good, Author at Tire Review Magazine
OTR Tire Inflation Tips

Air pressure can make—or literally break—your customer’s tire investment. Follow these tips for proper OTR tire inflation.

Maximizing OTR Tire Performance

Air in a tire is like oil in an engine. When properly maintained, both will run many long hours or miles with no issues. But, running low or over the correct amount will have a definite effect on the life of both.

Answering ‘Why’: Finding the Real Reason for Removing an OTR Tire

When a tire has been removed from service for an unknown reason, how do you determine the real issue that caused the removal? Most importantly, how do you explain the “why” to the customer?

OTR Tires: Making Alternative Recommendations When the OE Tire Isn’t Right for the Job

Customers look to you to make the correct tire recommendation for their specific application. But, when the tire being used is not correct in both the size and type for the specific application, what can you do?

OTR Tire OE Tire Not Right
OTR Tires: Proper Air Pressure per Application

Air is to the tire what oil is to the engine. But what is the correct air pressure for OTR tires? Use these keys to assess your tire program.

Selecting the Best Winter Grader Tire

Believe it or not, winter weather is not far off. Even though the temperature is warm where you are, snow is starting to be mentioned in many weather forecasts around the country.

Solid Tires for Underground Mining Operations

I’m constantly asked about placing a different tire into an application that has been running on one type of product for years. Sometimes the new approach is a good idea and making the change will cost the customer less over time. The hardest part is getting the customer to support and buy into the change.

Selecting the Correct Off-the-Road Tire

After many years of a slow off-the-road tire market, there seems to be a lot more positive activity.

Changing Aspect Ratios of OTR Tires

The tire industry has seen a lot of changes over the years, especially in the auto, light truck and medium truck side of the business. Many of these changes improve performance and change the characteristics of a vehicle. On the OTR side, there have not been many changes over the years except the move from

Maximum Durability

There are many different applications in which pneumatic OTR tires perform extremely well. 
On the other hand, there are applications that go beyond a pneumatic tire’s capabilities: transfer stations, scrap yards, and steel mills, to name a few. Because of this, many dealers offer tire fill to address the toughest applications with a pneumatic tire

Matching Tires on All Axles

Unless you are mounting all new tires at the same time onto a piece of equipment, you need to understand the importance of proper tire matching. Next to air pressure, matching of tires in all positions is critical to the performance of the tires and the piece of equipment. Today’s on board computers make it

Giant Speed Check

Everyone selling OTR tires has at some point encountered tires that have been subjected to excessive speed, overloads and heat. Of course the customer generally will not admit that any of this happened to the tire and they expect either the dealer or manufacturer to step up and handle any shortfall performance of the tire. This