Dave Scribner, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Reducing Commercial Truck Fuel Costs Starts with Tire Care

Ultimately, the goal for tire dealers working with fleets is to lower cents-per-mile.

The Rule of 3X Tire Rotation

Inform customers that if they want to get the best mileage out of their tires, only you will do this for them, so they should get in the habit of coming back for this service.

Service Equipment Veteran Michael Alusick Passes Away

Michael Alusick dedicated his working life to Bear Automotive, Sun Electric, Forward Lift and Snap-on Equipment.

Marketing Superior Wheel Service Packages in 2021

An effective way to increase your sales is to increase consumer awareness of the sub-services included in the installation packages.

Making the Right Wheel Balancer Investment

A shop owner has many choices when it comes to assessing which wheel balancer is right for them. Let this checklist help you out.

Wheel balancer investment checklist
What RFV Means to the Tire Industry, Part II

In Part II of this article, we move to tire/wheel RFV in terms of tire vibration problem-solving in the tire shop.

What RFV Means to the Tire Industry, Part 1

A radial force variation issue may prove to be the cause of a vibration that won’t reveal itself while performing only a wheel balance.

Evolution and Revolution of Tire Shop Wheel Balancing

Contrary to popular belief, all wheel balancers are not the same. When tires and wheels were of similar size and mass, it didn’t matter as much, but now, like everything else, things change.

Wheel Centering: Best Practices to Get the Right Wheel Balance Each Time

No matter if you’re working on a light truck, high-performance vehicle or commercial truck, centering is the foundation of each wheel balance that is performed on the vehicle. However, there’s more that goes into the process than many think.

Curing Tire Vibration Woes with RFV Wheel Balancing

Understanding radial force vectors will help you avoid tire vibration and other comebacks.

Ways to Reduce Wheel Balancing Comebacks

Unbalanced tires can lead to problems throughout a vehicle, and increased comebacks in the shop.