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Direct mail can be a lethal weapon in the hunt for new customers or increased revenue – if it’s done right. Because it reaches...Read More

The IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons. Many of these letters and notices can be easily...Read More

Businesses around the world lose roughly 5% of their revenues annually to occupational fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. To avoid...Read More

Home Depot. Target. Ebay. Anthem. These companies – successful retailers, online auction authority and healthcare giant – have many positive business attributes, to be sure....Read More

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First published in 1990, Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the best-selling and most influential personal development books...Read More

Oct. 1 will mark the deadline retail-based merchants can switch to the "EMV," or "chip card," credit card equipment without facing potential fraud liability. EMV,...Read More

Here’s a challenge for you: Close your eyes and think about your retail tire space from a consumer’s eyes. Now what do you see? Is...Read More

As I teach all of my clients, effectively improving an organization’s sales and customer service effort should begin with an honest evaluation of the...Read More

1. Fearing the customer’s reaction. When salespeople are afraid of what a customer might say, they end up losing sales opportunities because they don’t...Read More

Tie up your loose ends and evaluate all of your policies and procedures. You can’t fix these problems when your shop is in crisis...Read More

If Old Man Winter had an axe to grind, this past winter was certainly the year he decided to do it…and boy did he...Read More

Follow these five ways to leverage your staff and rev up your tire and service sales: 1. Hire salespeople on the basis of their sales...Read More

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In the past, you could run an ad for tires or a service special and customers might call or come by. Today, you run an...Read More

It’s already been proven – through countless success stories told in the very pages of Tire Review – that making charity a part of...Read More

Prospective customers need to see the name of your company at least seven times before they even think about making a purchase from you....Read More

Bill Brunelle, co-founder of Independent We Stand If you’ve ever seen a ‘buy local’ bumper sticker or stopped at the local farmers’...Read More

In the social media arena, Facebook and Twitter often get the most attention when it comes to marketing one’s business. But with the growing influence...Read More

Marketing is less a position or function than it is a philosophy. The core of that philosophy is your vision for your company –...Read More

If one were to peruse the dozens of Top Shop Award entries received by Tire Review each year, one fact would be clear: successful...Read More

Dunn Tire teamed up with Michael Shank Racing and Continental to brand the 60 car at Watkins Glen raceway. From professional...Read More

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National Hurricane Season is officially in progress. If you suffer damage to your home or personal property, you may be able to deduct the...Read More

You may be tempted to forget about your taxes once you've filed your tax return, but did you know that if you start your...Read More

Insurance can be a large fixed cost for any tire dealer. Periodic reviews of insurance needs and coverage, however, can help reign in costs. Follow...Read More

Richard Lipton, founder of Lipton CPA & Associates, says if you make charitable donations and want to claim a tax deduction for your gifts,...Read More

Can you point your company in the direction of financial success, step on the gas, and then sit back and wait to arrive at...Read More

While the fate of several business-related tax extenders such as R&D credits, bonus depreciation and Section 179 expensing that expired at the end of...Read More

Of all the retirement plans available to small business owners, the SIMPLE IRA plan (Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employees) is the easiest to...Read More

Some natural disasters are more common in the summer. But major events such as hurricanes, tornadoes and fires can strike at any time, so...Read More

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Human Resources is often so intimately involved in the day to day operations of a company that a lot of employers wonder if they...Read More

This article has a strange title, right? Your employees aren’t like a faucet. My dad always used to say that. It wasn’t a concept...Read More

Landing a job takes perseverance, diligence, and careful planning. A critical component on the road to landing your dream job in the auto career...Read More

Let’s face it, ours is a very dynamic industry. Vehicles are constantly becoming more technical and customers ever more demanding. For this reason, individuals...Read More

In today’s digital workplace, few issues cause more confusion than social media. Numerous laws are relevant to social media, ranging from Title VII to...Read More

Studies say that employees who are happy tend to be more productive than those who aren’t. Tire dealers looking to boost employee morale without...Read More

As most tire dealers already realize, paying their employees involves much more than simply writing a check. Business owners must calculate tax payments, monitor...Read More

With the summer season comes a few things in particular that companies need to consider. Here are a few hot topics that may apply...Read More

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, in concert with the enactment of the Health Care and Education Tax Credits Reconciliation Act...Read More

"You’re either at the table or you’re on the table.”I recently heard this quote and realized that it does a great job of summing...Read More

You probably didn’t hear or think much about the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. I certainly didn’t give much thought to how...Read More

t concealed firearms are prohibited on the property. Notices or signage should clearly define the type of weapons that are prohibited on premises since...Read More

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enacted Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information on May 23, 2003. By now, most dealerships should have implemented their information...Read More

When most owners of tire businesses see the term “employee handbook,” they are likely to have one of several thoughts – usually all negative....Read More

A trademark usually consistsof a word, phrase, logo or other unique symbol that distinguishes a product orcompany from others. To protect your good name...Read More

As a business owner, you maywant to put together a safety manual to give to employees when they are hired.The safety manual should highlight...Read More

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Are You Ready for Looming October Deadline? Click here to read 3 Tools for Retaining Millennials Click here to read Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband Click...Read More

In today’s cut-throat business climate, the pressure to generate profits quickly is often unrelenting and intense. From accommodating anxious stakeholders and contending with new...Read More

Tire Review and KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. in Cleveland are working together on a monthly survey of U.S. tire dealers to gauge real-world factors...Read More

The U.S. economy continued to send mixed signals in March 2015. Recent revised data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that in...Read More

Pick your cliché. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. You get what you pay for. When it comes to web-hosting...Read More

Best Advice: Listen More Than You Talk Click here to read The Next Level: Understanding the Costs of Business Growth Click here to read Palaces of Consumption or...Read More

NHTSA recently released two new studies that show that while the nation’s decades-long campaign to combat drunk driving continues to make roads safer, the...Read More

Tire Review and KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. in Cleveland are working together on a monthly survey of U.S. tire dealers to gauge real-world factors...Read More

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