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Does Your Torque Wrench Work Properly?

Simply guessing the correct torque setting on your wrench is a bad idea.

Continental- Torque-Wrench
Importance of Belt Measuring Tools

Use the correct tool to measure the effective belt length at the cord line.

Pop the Hood
Martins Launches Line of Impact Wrenches

Martins new line includes seven impact wrenches under the Impulse line of products.

The Evolution of Battery, Starting System & Diagnostic Tools

When we talk about battery, charging and starting system diagnostics, while it’s true there are certain aspects of it that have always been the same due to fundamental electronic principles, in the realm of tools, however, everything has changed. Electronics, along with charging and starting system technology, have advanced so dramatically over the last 20

Mayhew Tools Introduces New Valve Guide Remover

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew Tools) has launched a new ProPneumatic valve guide remover.

Mayhew Tools
Bosch Introduces New HDS 250 Heavy-Duty Scan Tool

Bosch has introduced the new HDS 250 heavy-duty scan tool kit, designed to read, diagnose and clear heavy-duty standard trouble codes for Class 4-8 vehicles.

Dewalt Announces Metal Tool Storage Line Expansion

Dewalt announced the expansion of its Metal Tool Storage line, including top chests, workbenches and rolling cabinets.

Rema Tip Top to Showcase New Gooseneck Stitcher at 2018 SEMA Show

Rema Tip Top has designed and developed a Gooseneck Stitcher for the tire repair industry.

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Chicago Pneumatic Releases Tool Selection Help Materials

Chicago Pneumatic has published a series of new materials ­including a new brochure and blogs aimed at helping vehicle service professionals make their jobs easier.

Power Tool Institute Launches New Training Module

The Power Tool Institute (PTI), a provider of power tool safety resources, information and education, has announced the launch of its new online training module, “Power Tool Safety –­ It’s in Your Hands.”

Pwer Tool Institute training safety
Hunter Introduces New HD QuickGrip adaptors for WinAlign

Hunter’s new WinAlign HD QuickGrip adaptors are designed to speed up alignment jobs and reduce the risk of rim damage.

Hunter Engineering
Renegade Launches Parts Washers Detergents

Service Line Inc.’s Renegade Parts Washers brand has released Renegade solvent-free detergents for automatic and manual parts washers.