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California Tire Dealer Accused of Selling Stolen Tires

The owner of a San Bernadino, California tire shop has been arrested after police accused the man of selling stolen tires. 

tire dealer arrested
$250,000 in Tires, Wheels Stolen from Texas Car Dealership

Thieves were caught on security cameras stealing 196 tires and wheels off of 48 vehicles at a Tyler, Texas car dealership, local media reports. According to police, the thieves entered the lot through a secure gate early in the morning, driving a large box truck. The thieves then cut the lights and used jacks and

75 Michelin Tires Stolen from Indiana Shop

Shrader Tire & Oil’s South Bend, Ind., location had 76 new Michelin tires stolen from its store this week, the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) reports. Sizes and quantities of the stolen tires include: 52-  255/70R22.5  Michelin XZE 8  –  255/80R22.5 Michelin  XZE 16 –  275/70R22.5  Michelin X IN CITY Z The tires are all branded with a KE00+ 3

Tires, Wheels Stolen from Texas Dealership

More than $300,000 worth of tires and wheels were stolen from a car dealership in Leon Valley, Texas. Roughly 45 sets of tires and wheels were removed from pick-up trucks and six Camaros at the Ancira-Winton Chevrolet just before midnight on Sunday. All the vehicles were left sitting on blocks of wood, and a few

Truck Trailer, Tires Stolen in NW Ohio

Police are investigating the theft of a truck trailer and tires in Northwood, Ohio, according to local media. Roughly 400 Bridgestone tires, totaling $33,200, and a tractor-trailer were stolen mid-day Oct. 5 from outside Oakley Industries, police said. The theft is under investigation.

Thieves Steal $150K in Tires

For the second time in less than a month, tires were stolen from Comprehensive Logistics in Oakville, Ontario. In the latest theft, thieves stole nearly $150,000 worth of tires, according to authorities. Earlier this week a truck pulled into the compound and the thieves hooked up a trailer full of passenger tires to their truck.

Trailer Full of Tires Stolen in Canada

Roughly $70,000 worth of tires was stolen from a site in Oakville, Ontario. According to police, the suspect drove a stolen truck onto the site, hooked up a trailer filled with Hankook tires and left the area. The police found the stolen truck a short distance away. Anyone with information is asked to contact the