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Mandated Safety Inspections Reduce Deaths, Study Says

Carnegie Mellon University released a new vehicle safety inspection study that proves the importance of safety inspections, according to the Tire Industry Association (TIA). The study affirms that the presence or implementation of safety inspections and maintenance programs is directly related to reducing roadway fatalities. According to the study, if other states implemented a safety

SEMA Releases New Alternative Power Vehicles Market Research

New market research shows the sale of alternative power vehicles could reach 45% of all U.S. light vehicle sales by 2035.

electric vehicles charging
Continental Opens Research Lab In Germany For Dandelion Rubber

Continental’s new lab is designed as a base for future research on farming and the extraction process of Russian dandelions as an alternative raw material source to rubber trees.

Nokian Tyres to Build R&D Center in Finland

Nokian Tyres announced it has plans to build a new research and development center in Nokia, Finland in 2019.

Nokian R&D Center
Global Brake Safety Council Releases Update To Brake Pad Failure Mode Field Study

This past year, the Global Brake Safety Council (GBSC) conducted an engineering field study of 3,200 discarded brake pads, to determine whether the pads had failed or were just worn past specifications.

brake parts and pads study
NASA Ready to Roll on Mars with New Superelastic Tires

NASA is preparing for the next wave of Mars ground vehicle with the innovative Superelastic Tire.

BKT Opens R&D Center in India

BKT has formally opened its new research and development center in India.

Busting Digital Myths

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before. They seek information throughout the purchase process and this, in turn, drives their use of smartphones and their consumption of online information. While this comes as no surprise, there is a deeper connection: opportunities exist for savvy tire dealers who find ways to take advantage of this

Electric Vehicles to Reach 15-35% of Vehicle Sales by 2040

Electric vehicles currently make up less than 1% of the total global car population. By 2040 this segment could reach up to 15 to 35% of total new vehicle sales globally, according to IHS Markit. The findings are part of a new research project, “Reinventing the Wheel.” “The key question is whether we are approaching

Auto Care Association Working to Develop Heavy Duty Truck Product Information Standards

The Auto Care Association is contacting with Pricedex Software Inc. to develop heavy duty truck product information standards through a comprehensive research project. Auto Care Association, joined by its Heavy Duty Distribution Association segment community and parts manufacturer subject matter experts, seeks to develop a best practice to assist in the identification and dissemination of