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Sailun Tire’s VP of Product Development Talks New TerraMax RT Tire

Wayne Cuculuzzi tells us how Sailun intends to deliver Tier-1 tire performance at a Tier-3 price point.

TerraMax RT interview
Falken Tires: Wildpeak R/T Available December 2022

Falken Tires will introduce its fifth Wildpeak tire, the Wildpeak R/T, for availability in December 2022. Developed for lifted trucks, SUVs and high-powered diesel pickups, the Falken Wildpeak R/T features a hybrid terrain tread pattern, blending the off-road strengths of a mud-terrain with the on-road benefits of an all-terrain, Falken says. “Falken is experiencing tremendous

Gallery: Toyo Tires Open Country R/T Trail Launch Event

Toyo Tires launched its latest tire in its Open Country line, the Open Country R/T Trail, during a ride-and-drive event held in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, California. The company invited media members, Toyo employees and overlanding enthusiasts to test how the new tire holds up against some of the harshest black diamond trails

Toyo Tires Debuts New Open Country R/T Trail

As the sun peaked over the larger-than-life Southern California mountains, eight off-road vehicles followed one after the other through mud, soft sand and rocky terrain to test Toyo Tires‘ new rugged trail tire. Toyo introduced the Open Country R/T Trail during a two-day ride-and-drive event in Big Bear Lake, California, highlighting the tire’s rugged capabilities

The Difference Between A/T, R/T and M/T Tires

The three main tire segments for more adventurous driving on the market today include all-terrain (A/T), rugged-terrain (R/T) and mud-terrain (M/T). In this video from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio, we go over the differences between each and which one should you choose if you are an adventurous driver. To understand the difference

M/T Tire Selling Tips

M/T (mud terrain) tires have been around for decades, yet in recent years have now become a much larger segment. Why? Consumers now have two different desires for M/T products, which has expanded the size range and market volumes. Imagine this scene: A man in a tuxedo and woman in a designer evening gown dressed