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Testing for Brake Rotor Quality

When it comes to making brake rotors, there’s a lot that goes into testing them to ensure the internal structure, metallurgy and performance of the rotor is in good working order. One aftermarket rotor testing procedure can help ensure that the brake rotor is in tip-top shape. That procedure is titled the J2928 Brake Rotor

Continental Releases Range of ATE Disc Brake Rotors

The rotors surpass ECE-R90 standards and are offered in applications to fit a range of vehicle models and requirements.

Tech Minute: Replacing Brake Hardware; What’s Your Excuse?

Andrew Markel discusses brake jobs, and how there is no excuse for not replacing the brake hardware every time (Sponsored by Carlson).

Tech Minute Andrew Markel Babcox Media
Tech Minute: Should You Clean a New Coated Rotor?

Andrew Markel discusses coated rotors and how cleaning them may not be necessary before installation.

Tech Minute Andrew Markel Babcox Media