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Olimpia Minority Shareholder to Sell Stake

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Pirelli SpA, a majority shareholder in Olimpia Holding (which, in turn, holds an 18% stake in Telecom Italia), is to have the chance to enhance its holding when another minority shareholder, Hopa, sells its stake.

Breaking Out: Russia’s Largest Automotive Show Quite an Interesting Affair

Russia’s Largest Automotive Show Quite an Interesting Affair

Looming Mandate: Without Help, Dealers Face Dark Future. How Will You Cope?

To many in the tire industry, TPMS is a four-letter acronym that is quickly becoming a four-letter word. That goes for retail dealers and, soon, consumers alike. But these people are only considering the hassles involved with servicing tire/wheel assemblies featuring these gizmos. Look a little deeper, and you’ll see the potential for independent tire

From ‘Low Profile’ to UHP: Hankook Takes the High-Speed Road to Build Brand in U.S.

Hankook Takes the High-Speed Road to Build Brand in U.S.

Hot Time in Las Vegas: TIA Busy at Annual SEMA Show

TIA Busy at Annual SEMA Show

Do You Know Us?: If You Don’t, You May be Alienating Your Most Profitable Customers Forever

If you’re like most tire dealers, you’re probably turning your back on the most profitable customers you’ll ever see. Not intentionally, perhaps, but this unique group of customers – tuners, enthusiasts, restylers, whatever you want to call them – is often left frustrated trying to deal with dealers. So, they leave and find another option.

CHINA: Dealers, Tiremakers Are Capitalizing, But Economic Revolution Has Issues

Today’s China-made tires may well carry the names Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear or that of other majors and are produced using the same technology, processes and stringent quality standards of those well-known global brands. Only they are being produced for pennies on the dollar.My, how times have changed.

Finding Its Niche: Kumho Looks to Automated Production to Meet Profit Goals

Finding Its NicheKumho Looks to Automated Production to Meet Profit Goals

United to Dynamic: Despite Family History, Dynamic’s Sherkin Not Looking Backward

 The Sherkin family has a prominent place in the Canadian tire industry. Harry Sherkin started United Tire back in 1944 buying and selling retreads. Brothers Morris, Charles and Joseph joined the company as it grew into a major retreader, private brander and, finally, a manufacturer. The family business was sold to Pensler Capital Corp. in

Industry Report

RMA Cuts Support After Court Ruling Hopes for a tire industry checkoff program were dealt a couple of significant ®€“ potentially fatal ®€“ blows in late February after yet another court ruled that a popular checkoff program’s consumer education effort was unconstitutional, and the RMA withdrew support for the proposed program.